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WMF 5.0 preview support ending

Support for the WMF 5.0 preview is ending -

Upgrade now!

PowerShell 5.1

Want to see what PowerShell 5.1 looks like?


Install Windows Server 2016 TP 5 or get on the fast ring for Windows 10 Insider Previews. The latest build – 14352 shows a PowerShell version of  5.1.14352.1002 with Powershell 1.0 through 5.0 as compatible versions


The WSMAN stack is still version 3.0 so no issues with remoting or CIM sessions between PowerShell 3.0, 4.0, 5.0 and 5.1


PowerShell 2.0 will have the CIM session issue as it uses WSMAN stack 2.0 and PowerShell 1.0 didn’t have remoting

PowerShell and Nano server

Nano server is the new install option introduced with Windows 2016. It has a really tiny footprint compared to a server core machine.


Of course it has PowerShell but its not a complete port of the PowerShell you’re used to. The features that aren’t present are detailed here:


What you get is PowerShell re-written for .NET core


If you want to develop your own cmdlets try this article to get you started:

WinOps conference

The WinOps conference is dedicated to ‘Windows in a DevOps World’  Its in London 24 May 2016. I’ll be speaking as will Jeffrey Snover and Ed Wilson of Microsoft.


More details from


Hope to see you there

PowerShell team announcements

A few announcements from the PowerShell Team that I’m catching up on.


The Microsoft.PowerShell.Archive module is now open source


The archive module was introduced in WMF 5.0. Its now available on the PowerShell Gallery for installation on WMF 4.0. Any future updates will be through the gallery.


The version in the gallery is as opposed to that ships with WMF 5.0


You can now view the contents of files directly in the PowerShell gallery


A DSC toolkit for working with Amazon Web Services (AWS) is now available


WMF 5.1 will become available when Windows Server 2016 ships


WMF 5.1 will contain the changes and bug fixes introduced since WMF 5.0 shipped. Many of these have been available on Windows Insider preview builds

PowerShell certifications revisited

Years ago (seems like decades so much has happened) I published my view on PowerShell certification:


A recent comment on the post asked if I still felt the same way.


Its not a topic I’d thought about all that much to be honest but having reflected on the matter I still believe what I wrote back in 2008 – the world doesn’t need a PowerShell certification.


I’ve stated it many times and will keep stating it – PowerShell isn’t important. Its what you can do with it that matters.


Very few people are employed as full time creators of PowerShell code –even today. They are  employed as administrators of X (and often Y, Z, A and B etc etc).


PowerShell provides a tool to administer most of things in your Windows environment (and quite a few non-Windows items as well). Having a certification in the


PowerShell language won’t help you administer Windows, Active directory, Exchange, SQL Server, VMware or network switches. You need to know what you’re doing before you can automate it!!!


At recent PowerShell Summits we’ve run a VERIFIED EFFECTIVE exam. The pass rates have been abysmal – and that’s for people who attended a pre-conference workshop on the topic! See:


We won’t be offering the exam at the next Summit – the results don’t measure up to the effort put into it.


The world isn’t really ready for a PowerShell certification and I suspect that it never will be.

PowerShell Summit 2016 recordings

The recordings from this years PowerShell Summit are now available:

IT Ops Education program and Scholarship

Do you know a young person in the USA that is just starting their IT career and would benefit from an intensive training program and scholarship?


Point them to the DevOps Collective site (DevOps Collective is the parent organization for


Initially this program is US only but we hope to make a global program in years to come

MVP renewal 2016

Its April first and the email arrives mid-afternoon. My MVP award has been renewed for another year (9th consecutive year)


I still really appreciate the recognition this award bestows and hope to keep working to make the PowerShell community even better in the next 12 months

European PowerShell Conference 2016–few places left

There are still a few places left at the European PowerShell conference next month -


There’s a terrific line up of speakers and I really recommend you get there if you can