PowerShell books = Deal of the Day

Manning’s Deal of the Day for 18 November 2014 includes PowerShell in Depth, second edition and PowerShell and WMI

PowerShell is 8 years old this month

Strange as it may seem PowerShell 1.0 was release in November 2006. In that time we’ve had a lot of changes:

- PowerShell support added to all major Microsoft products – except Office!

- Third party adoption of PowerShell – I am now disappointed if a product doesn’t have PowerShell support rather than being surprised that it does


Version 2.0

- PowerShell remoting

- Background jobs

- More WMI cmdlets

- More cmdlets


Version 3.0

- CIM cmdlets

- CIM sessions


- PowerShell workflow


Version 4.0

- Desired State configuration


Version 5.)

- Oneget

- PowerShell get


The PowerShell community has grown phenomenally:


- PowerShell Summits in North America & Europe

- User groups across the world


Really looking forward to the next 8 years

PowerShell in Depth, second edition in print

I received my copies of the print version of PowerShell in Depth, second edition today.  Amazon shows it being available in a couple of days


DSC Resource Kit wave 8

Wave 8 has arrived and its massive with 48 new resources – that’s a 50%+ increase


New modules include:

  • xExchange
  • xSCDPM
  • xSCOM
  • xSCSMA
  • xSCSR
  • xSCVMM
  • xCredSSP
  • xDismFeature
  • xBitlocker
  • xPendingReboot

PowerShell Summit NA 2015 – – Registration open

Registration for the PowerShell summit North America 2015 is open.  Details and registration link  -

Cut and paste is not your friend

I was working on some code the other day and as a block of code I needed was very similar to one I already had I did what everyone does & used cut and paste. Unfortunately, I missed out changing one of the variable names in the new block and  spent a long time working out what had gone wrong.


Moral of the story – be careful how you copy code

PowerShell in Depth second edition ebook

The ebook for PowerShell in Depth second edition is available from Manning -

Run with PowerShell

Came across  something new today – Run with PowerShell.


if you have PowerShell 3.0 or later installed – right click on your script and select “Run with PowerShell”


A few rules though – The script can’t take parameters or output anything to the prompt. You can’t interact with the script or the console window.


Execution policy is set to Bypass – not sure I like that idea  - unless the ExecutionPolicy is Allsigned in which case only signed scripts can be run this way.  See about_Run_With_PowerShell for more details

DSC for Exchange

A series of posts on using the Exchange DSC resources – starts here

Upgrading PowerShell

The Scripting Guy has started a series on upgrading the version of  PowerShell you run.  My article in the series is out today -