Uninstall software by using SCCM?

One of my students asked about using SCCM to uninstall software from client PCs. After some research, I found the following:

Usually you create an uninstall package to handle uninstallation, but this depends on whats installed.

Some command line examples if you have msi based installations



msiexec/x {Package | ProductCode}

uninstalls a product.
Name of the Windows Installer package file.
Globally unique identifier (GUID) of the Windows Installer package.

Windows Installer command-line options are not case-sensitive.

For more information about the Windows Installer command-line options, see Related Topics.


To remove or uninstall a package, type:

msiexec /x Example.msi


So normally you create one collection for installation and taget your package to and one for unsinallation.
Uninstallations doesnt nessecary need to be msi files it can also be exe files or uninstall files that are able to
remove the software, though its very important to test this behavior in test so that it keeps your environment clean.

And from MS staff’s comment:

There is no automation for this. You do have to create your own packages and programs to uninstall the software,
whether it is based on msiexec /x or a setup.exe /unistall or whatever command you would use to uninstall the program.
That unfortunately is program specific, so you have to figure it out for each program you’d want to remove.
Then create a package, program and advertisement to do the job of uninstallation.

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