Use Android 2.2 to retrieve….etc email

Many students asked how to get the email from hotmail/…etc from their Android phone,
and I found the following information from the web:

For the few of you who still use Hotmail as your main email and are running Froyo, Microsoft has activated Exchange ActiveSync for Hotmail starting today. Now we can actually have a synced up version of Hotmail on our phones, as opposed to the basic POP3 access we had before. It also syncs up your Windows Live Contacts and Calendar with the phone.

Here’s the article: Hotmail now supports push email, calendar, and contacts with Exchange ActiveSync

The setup instructions on their website don’t match, exactly, what we see in the default email application, so this is how it should look for setup:

* First, you put in your email address and password, then you hit “manual setup” (not “next”), then choose “Exchange”. From there, you’ll see the following…
* Domain\Username: Clear out and put in your full hotmail address
* Password: if not pre-filled, obviously put in your hotmail password
* Server:
* Check “Use Secure Connection (SSL)”
* Not sure yet on “accept all SSL certificates” – I’ve had it unchecked with no issues so far

*edit: For Droid 2 users, you have to add a “Corporate Sync” account, then do the settings above

Evidently, this won’t work in Android 2.1. From their support forum regarding Android:
Android Support: Hotmail team will add Android to list of supported devices in the coming months after testing is completed.

* Access from Android 2.1 is NOT supported due to known client issues on Android 2.1.
* There are users successfully syncing from Hotmail via the default application or the Touchdown application on Android 2.2. (it’s been working great for me so far)

Once you’re setup, you can customize the settings as you see fit. So far, it’s working great for me, and doesn’t seem to be adding any battery drain (as we have occasionally seen on handsets using push). Hopefully this will come in handy for the other two of you out there still using Hotmail.

Update 1:
I’ve noticed three small issues that are worth mentioning (especially if you’re used to the gmail app), but not a huge deal… (at least to me )
1) It appears it does text only, no pictures. Maybe that’s an issue with the stock email app? Don’t know myself, as I’ve never used the stock email app, but I’m assuming it’s Hotmail.
2) There doesn’t appear to be a way to move messages into other folders from their current location.
3) As Dragoro pointed out, it only syncs back one month. This is not a big deal for me personally, but could very easily be for others.
* Sidenote – the mobile Hotmail website was revamped awhile back (wave 4) and has most (if not all) of the functionality of the actual website… just something to note for those that haven’t checked it out in awhile.