New business cards via Click

For over six months I’ve been meaning to get business cards. Work has been busy though, and I just haven’t prioritised it. Last week I finally got around to it, and I was really quite impressed with the process.

lp2_front_side - small I’d been playing around with layout for a while, and also had to work out what title I should use. A couple of people recommended Click Business Cards, and so I checked them out. I submitted my appropriately-sized JPGs and put my order in for gloss on both sides. As I was hoping to give some out this week, I had dropped them a line to ask if I could get the order marked ‘Urgent’, which they kindly did. As a result, the order was finished about a day and a half after I submitted the order, and they arrived in the post today.

As a result, I’m inclined to use Click again, and will be happily recommending them to people who want a quick and easy business card service.

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