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Changing file name extensions in Windows Mobile

Now, of course you can do this by connecting your mobile to your PC and just finding the file – but sometimes you don’t have your laptop with you, right?

Today I came across a utility which lets me do this – it’s PocketPlus from Spb. Definitely worth checking out I think. Spb also have a very nice Mobile Shell, which seems to rival PointUI (which I also think is very good). PointUI wins out for me at the moment though, because I’m having to use my old Windows Mobile 2003 device. Also, it seems to have been written by Aussies, which can’t be bad.

No File Conversion in Windows Mobile Device Center?

In the days of ActiveSync (which means before I upgraded to Vista), I could connect my mobile device to my laptop, and copy files across from one device to another. This hasn’t changed.

But ActiveSync didn’t just COPY the files. It would CONVERT them as well (something WMDC doesn’t do). ActiveSync would convert Pocket Word files to/from .doc files (a problem Nick Randolph has faced too), Pocket Excel files to/from .xls, and also tag PDF files so that my mobile device could view them in Reflow mode.

Like the Pocket Office formats (which are must more compact than the Office 2000 equivalents), Reflow mode is just so useful – but without the ability to tag the file, it makes reading PDFs on my mobile device a thing of the past.

ActiveSync to a new Exchange Server

This week we had a few hassles with our Exchange Server. I don't know the details, but I know that we moved to a new Exchange Server. From an Outlook perspective, this was fine. From a Windows Mobile perspective, it wasn't so great.

The new Exchange Server is in a different domain, so I had to use a different set of credentials to sync with it. I installed the root certificate, did all the right things to get it working, but got an error saying:

Synchronization failed due to a device software error. Contact your network administrator. 0x80004005

Not good. Did some googling, and saw some stuff about getting an End User Update, and other stuff about a hard reset. I tried searching through the registry for something that might've helped… no luck there either. Luckily, I store all my useful data on an SD card, and have a folder with all my app's install stuff. I did a backup to keep the rest of the data safe, and then did the nasty hard reset.

Ten minutes later, I had successfully synced with the server. Half an hour later, I was fully restored. I'm sure there will be the odd configuration setting I've forgotten to make on some application (like the font size in Egress), but on the whole, I'm very happy. Most of all, because I actually have very little fear of hard resets. I know that whenever I have some error that I just can't solve, I can always fall back to "let's try a hard reset" if I need to.