Customer acronyms versus Microsoft acronyms for System Center Products

Since the release of the System Center product lines, folks have been looking for and developing their own acronyms for each product, primarily to make it easier to communicate about the products.  Seriously – who wants to have to say System Center Configuration Manager 2007 or System Center Operations Manager 2007 whenever communicating to a manager or even a peer about the product?

Due to certain acronyms already being taken, Microsoft even went as far as to develop jingles to help their employees to better grasp the marketing direction for the various products.  Here’s one example:

The ConfigMgr song

After a few more System Center-type products, Microsoft has started getting a bit smarter about application naming, hence, newer names like Hyper-V and App-V.  So, why didn’t Microsoft just succumb to public opinion and register and use the more popular customer-created acronyms?  Well, if you do a market search on the more popular acronyms, you’ll come up with a few reasons why…


System Center Product: Configuration Manager 2007

Microsoft acronym: ConfigMgr 2007

Popular customer acronym:  SCCM

Some pre-existing meanings:  Society of Critical Care Medicine, Standard Cubic Centimeters per Minute, Software Change and Configuration Management, Security Control Compliance Matrix, Self Checking Computer Module, Second Command Code Modifier, Summary of Cost Center Man-Hours, System COMSEC Control Messages


System Center Product: Operations Manager 2007

Microsoft acronym: OpsMgr 2007

Popular customer acronym: SCOM

Some pre-existing meanings:  Sudden Change of Mood, SHARPS COMPLIANCE CORP, Sweet Child O' Mine, Software Center Operations Manual, Software Center Operator Manual.


Microsoft’s official take on it now?  “We don’t care what they call it, as long as they use it!”

BTW: Here’s a handy tool.  The Acronym Finder:

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