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Hey everyone, this is a big year for us to revisit contentdepth, and you guys are key to us sharing the customer and partner experiencesa year into market.  We need to move past the screen clicks, admin UI walkthroughs and talk about how this stuff is out there working, saving money, andmaking peoples’ lives easier.


We need to hear your ideas!  Some topics I would love tosee hit the submission list that we know we need to get better coverage oncould be some ideas like the following:


-OS Deployment, believe it or not, it is still one of thehighest topics we run, and we need to inject some real world consultancycustomer experience sessions.  They cant tie too closely to you as apartner presenting a case study, (we have had some of those limitations in pastyears) but if you had some client or server deployment content that would besuper. 

-Win7, like the above topic says, we hope to go into Win7 andSystem Center style topics if available, or there is enough to mention. Anyone on a Win7 TAP or RDP and is looking at ConfigMgr SP2 to help itout?  Love to hear some early lessons learned.

-SQL – SQL is a huge beast that runs quietly in the background,until it gets hosed, falls over, corrupts, or needs to be moved somewhereelse.  In addition, SQL 08, SRSS and other elements like Virt means SQL isbeing considered in ways it wasn’t in the past.  Any SQL Admins outthere?  Love to hear your System Center SQL stories, or lessons learned.

-Security – a pile of sub topics:

           -Forefront – Anyone done an integration project yet where WSUS in our new supportedformat supports both System Center and FF Clients?  We would love to run asession on that topic.

           -NAP – Anyone deployed in their shop or for someone a NAP solution where SystemCenter helped?  Either in deployment, or in adding in SUM and ConfigMgr tothe NAP SHV world?

           – IBCM – Anyone have a customer, or doing it themselves, where they rolled outfrom SMS 03, or a green field a pure Native Mode IBCM scenario?  Love alessons learned on that

           -Branch – Anyone really diving into Branch scenarios where either your shop ora customer you are running with has a Branch network where BDPs are landing andbeing used? 

           -SCUP?  New 4.5 coming out in Dec, anyone using it internally or with acustomer to deploy MSP/ 3rd party updates?



This topic list is pretty ConfigMgr specific, but also, areaslike OpsMgr, VMM and DPM need real world stories told.  We would REALLYlove to hear your thoughts on what you are up to.


 Thanks for all your support



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