BDNA Acquires PS’Soft Inc


On December 2nd BDNA acquired PS’Soft to round out their product offering and follow the industry trend to house a full IT IT Asset and Service Management life-cycle solution within a single vendor offering.  We’re reporting this now as we’ve not seen it anywhere else to date.  BDNA has for some time had a comprehensive offering in the network and desktop discovery arena with their flagship product Insight.  In March 2008 BDNA partnered with Provance Software, a strong contender in the IT Asset Management space, to offer clients of both companies a more holistic solution set through their partnership.  ECPweb’s 2008 Annual Review of IT Asset and Software Management tools is a comprehensive review and report on the industry.  In that report ECPweb gave PS’Soft a lead compared to Provance in every category.  Was this the determining factor that made BDNA take a strong notice in PS’Soft and resulted in the acquisition?  One can only speculated in the absence of any press releases from BDNA or PS’Soft.   

BDNA Acquires PS’Soft Inc

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