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Special Live OneCare Message for the October 23, 2008 out of band update

Because I continually test Live OneCare updates, I run OneCare on my computer exclusively.  This is the first time an update from Microsoft has produced the following message (and, yes, Microsoft is actually misspelled in the message):

Current Advisory
October 23, 2008 Advisory: Important information about a Windows security update

Micrsoft released a critical security update for a recently identified security vulnerability (Microsoft Security Bulletin MS08-067). As long as your Windows Live OneCare status remains Good (green), Windows Live OneCare is helping to protect you by automatically applying the latest security updates and virus signatures. If your status is At Risk (yellow or red), please take the requested action(s) to ensure that your computer is protected.
You may also run a manual check of Windows update by following the steps below:

  1. Open Internet Explorer.
  2. In the Tools menu, click Windows Update.
  3. Follow the instructions to check for any applicable updates.


Windows Live OneCare requires turning on of Automatic Updates on every computer boot

Have you seen this one?  This is one that Microsoft doesn’t seem to be able to fix, though it’s been a reported issue for over a year.  I thought the latest upgrade might fix it…nope.

Basically, you turn on Automatic Updates but OneCare does not remember it.  Once you reboot the computer, OneCare goes “Red” again requiring you to Turn On AU again and again.