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Since when does a software Vendor use obtrusive advertising on their own site?

It used to be, in all cases, a vendor who wanted to advertise their wares or services would pay for ad spaces on other sites.  Well, I think I’ve found the first exception to the rule.

You know those obtrusive ads we all hate, where you jump to a web site to read an article but are confronted with a Advertising Splash page – where you can’t access the content until you either a) click on the ad, or b) click the “Skip this Ad” link?

I just dropped out to ScriptLogic’s web site to check on something, and was confronted with the following screen:


Looks like ScriptLogic is taking the same approach that many other content sites are taking.  I’d be interested to know if it works in this case.

Ad Criminal: ChannelWeb

ChannelWeb is employing two advertising methods that should really irk all of us.


First, they are using the “click me first” ad, as shown below.


Next they are using the annoying moving “corner ad", where if you hover the mouse pointer over the corner or the page…


…the corner opens up to reveal an ad underneath, which opens to cover up most of the page you want to read.



Ad Criminal:

Another fine, ad-invested TechTarget property, pushes advertisements in your face with the “read me first” advertisement model.


I noticed recently that TechTarget was nominated for some major awards.  Well, here’s the presentation of the recent major award.

Only one thing in the world could've dragged me away from the soft glow of electric sex gleaming in the window.


Ad Criminal: c|net

I thought c|net was beyond having to have bad ads…but, today I found they’ve employed the “click here first” advertisement method.


And, they don’t make it real obvious.  Shoved at the very top center is the following links in something like 8pt font…



If you click the “About This Ad” link, it tells you this:

This full-screen announcement is an introductory message from one of our premier marketing partners. It will appear no more than once per day. To go directly to CNET, click on the 'Continue to CNET link. For questions, e-mail

BTW: It looks like you can view the above statement anytime by jumping out to this link:

At least (unlike other sites that employ this method), they are up-front about it.

Ad Criminal:

I just visited to read an article about Vista migrations, and was accosted on several levels. 


First the page is peppered with Walmart ads.  Secondly, the top Walmart banner starts up in expanded mode, covering the name of the web site.


If that’s not enough, 2 pop-ups are enacted, both with the following tab label:


…but, both with different URLs.

1st URL:

2nd URL:;c=47/1;s=43;d=19;w=400;h=450;t=III-INTERACTIVE