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How to create custom Operating System Capture Media using ConfigMgr 2007


Recently I ran into a situation where I needed to customize the OS capture media in System Center Configuration Manager 2007 as the standard capture media created by ConfigMgr does not have any way to be modified or customized. 

The reason for customizing the capture media was to create an image with the SCCM client in it as we wanted to deploy this image to the Internet based client machines.

So we started by creating a reference machine which was a Vista machine. We installed the SCCM client on it using the following command line.

The Configuration Manager Support Team Blog : How to create custom Operating System Capture Media using ConfigMgr 2007

MDT/OSD and ConfigMgr/SMS list separation

For the longest time, topics on the Microsoft Deployment Toolkit and Operating System Deployment have been bundled into the ConfigMgr/SMS community email list.  Over time, the popularity of MDT/OSD have grown such that it is now time to separate the topics into two different email discussion lists.  We attempted to separate the lists a year or so ago, but the chatter back-and-forth didn’t warrant it at that time.

Today, we have separated the topics.  If you want to discuss MDT/OSD please sign up for the new list at the following link:

Congrats to the MDT team at Microsoft for developing such a useful tool and working long hours to make MDT 2010 such a success and a must-have Microsoft technology.