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HTC Task Manager

My AT&T Tilt has a feature I love: The HTC Task Manager. It's HTC's custom version of the Windows Mobile task manager that allows you to see what programs you have open and close them. It also adds the ability to close an application when clicking the X in the upper right-hand corner instead of leaving the program in memory. It looks like they've released it and it can be downloaded here.

AT&T Tilt 8925

In my never ending quest to find the perfect cell phone I just traded in my iPhone for an AT&T Tilt 8925. The iPhone was lacking features in areas I used most such as email. It's my understanding that Windows Mobile 7 is supposed to take more of an iPhone approach, so I can wait until then. I'm excited about an old feature: Exchange synchronization. It's nice to have my contacts and calendar appointments update on the fly instead of having to sync with iTunes. Other features that made me switch include:

  • No Bcc capability
  • No MMS capability
  • No way to insert attachments in emails other than attaching a photo directly from the photo
  • Some email messages took a while to open if they had a large attachment
  • Only 1 email signature applied to all email accounts
  • Exchange support only via IMAP and no Exchange integration
  • Syncing only via iTunes
  • No ability to record videos
  • Closed device

When more of these features are baked into the iPhone, I'll be willing to give it another try. I enjoyed the overall user experience, but missed what I mentioned above.