Site Upgraded to Community Server 2007

Last night, I upgraded this site to Community Server 2007. The upgrade took a while as this site requires changes to the CS codebase and other tweaking. Other than that, the upgrade went OK for the most part and there are a couple of issues to work out. With this upgrade comes three new Community Server downloads:

Community Server 2007 Contact Form Add-On
Community Server 2007 StrongCoders.CSJobs
Community Server 2007 Shipping Blog Skins with Ad Support

The contact form is the one I use on this site, so it also doubles as an advertising inquiry form.

Installing GhostDoc on Windows Vista

I installed Windows Vista on my laptop and it came time to install GhostDoc. During the installation process it encountered an error and as a result I couldn’t finish the installation. In order to install GhostDoc setup needs elevated administrator privileges. However, the msi file doesn’t have the Run as administrator option when you right-click it. The work around is what I found here. Create a batch file with the following:

msiexec /i c:\PathToGhostDoc\GhostDoc1.9.5.msi

Then run the batch file as administrator and GhostDoc will successfully install.