August 23, 2007 Ask An Expert Live Chat Experts

Below is a list of the experts are participating in the Ask An Expert Live Chat on August 23, 2007. They'll be there to answer your questions.

Brian Mains

No bio available.


Jason Alexander

Jason Alexander is a Microsoft ASP.NET MVP, ASPInsider and President of the Plano .NET Users Group. Jason attended the University of North Texas where he studied Computer Science.


Javier Lozano

Javier Lozano is the .NET Architect for Farmers Mutual Hail Insurance Company of Iowa, a crop insurance company, in West Des Moines, IA. He's an MCSD.NET specializing in ASP.NET, system architecture, and training. Javier is also a co-founder of the Iowa .NET Users Group.

On his blog,, you can find posts on ASP.NET, architecture, design patterns, interop, .NET, XML and WCF.  Javier enjoys giving back to the community by speaking at user groups, local/regional .NET events, being active in forums and by writing articles for Code Project.

In his spare time, Javier enjoys spending time with his wife, newborn son, two golden retrievers and writing about himself in the third person.


Justin Lee

Justin Lee is passionate about various technology, and interests lies with languages, operating systems, processes, and low-level architecture. He's open to discussion about Open-Source, Linux, Mono, and many various other alternatives to Microsoft and .NET. He is proficient in C#, C++, Java and various other languages. He has been doing freelancing for a few years, and branching out into other areas like training, consulting, business and marketing. He's currently studying in University of Waterloo, in Ontario, Canada doing his BCS in Computer Science.


Juval Löwy

Juval Löwy is a software architect and the principal of IDesign (, specializing in .NET 3.0 architecture consulting and advanced .NET 3.0 training. Juval is Microsoft’s Regional Director for the Silicon Valley, working with Microsoft on helping the industry adopt .NET 3.0. His latest book is Programming WCF Services (O'Reilly 2007). Juval participates in the Microsoft internal design reviews for future versions of .NET and related technologies. Juval published numerous articles, regarding almost every aspect of .NET development, and is a frequent presenter at development conferences. Microsoft recognized Juval as a Software Legend as one of the world's top .NET experts and industry leaders.


Matt Gibbs

Matt Gibbs is a Development Manager in the UI Framework and Services team at Microsoft. His team is responsible for ASP.NET and AJAX as well as parts of Silverlight. Matt has been working on the web development platform since joining Microsoft in 1997. He has received degrees in Computer Science from the University of Utah and the University of Washington. He has co-authored books on ASP, ASP.NET and the ASP.NET Mobile Controls. He lives in Redmond, Washington with his wife and three children


Miguel Castro

Miguel Castro is a principal consultant and trainer with SteelBlue Solutions and specializes in building and teaching how to build, .NET solutions. He is a Microsoft MVP, INETA Speaker, Conference Speaker, contributor to CoDe Magazine and, as well as an active blogger, and has been a software developer for over 20 years. With a Microsoft background that goes all the way back to VB 1.0 (and QuickBasic in fact). Miguel has spoken at numerous user groups, code camps, and conferences around the country. He has also been featured on the Internet Radio Talk Show, .NET Rocks, .NET Rocks-TV, Microsoft’s ARCast (Architecture Podcast), and The Polymorphic Podcast on numerous ocassions. His blog and other things of potential interest can be found at, where you can also obtain his new commercial product, CodeBreeze. He currently resides in Lincoln Park, NJ with his wife Elena and his daughter Victoria.


Peter Kellner

Peter Kellner founded 73rd Street Associates in 1990, where he successfully delivered systems for university clinic scheduling, insurance company management, and a turnkey physician office management to more than 500 customers nationwide. Ten years later, in 2000, 73rd Street Associates was purchased by a large insurance company, and Peter started a new career as an independent software consultant. Among the technologies he currently is involved with are ASP.NET, Oracle, Java, VOiP, and soon, SQL Server. When not working, Peter spends most his free time biking. He has ridden his bike across the globe. Most recently he and his wife, Tammy, rode across the U.S., from California to Georgia, in just 27 days.


Pieter de Bruin

Pieter focuses on concepts of asset-based custom development for enterprise solutions. He is solution manager of application development at Avanade, including software development lifecycle management and software factories. Contact him for information on Microsoft Visual Studio Team System and .NET Framework 3.0 & 3.5. He also writes articles and speaks about the latest Microsoft products.


Richard Hundhausen

Richard Hundhausen is a software architect, trainer and Microsoft Regional Director living in Boise, Idaho. He specializes in constructing useful Microsoft Windows®-based and Web-based applications using Microsoft products and technologies. He has led development efforts in the agricultural, engineering, medical, telecommunications, and military sectors. Richard recently finished his latest technical book, Working with Visual Studio 2005 Team System, for Microsoft Press.


Ryan Olshan

Ryan Olshan is the creator of, an extensive .NET generics website. He works as a solution developer for Avanade, a global IT consultancy dedicated to using the Microsoft platform. He's a top poster and moderator on the ASP.NET Forums as well as a frequent contributor to other online communities. Ryan is also the founder of the Strong Coders Community.


K. Scott Allen

In 13 years of software development, Scott worked on everything from 8 bit embedded devices to video games. He's shipped commercial web applications and built web services to connect COM+ and J2EE components. He enjoy designing, architecting, and writing code.

Scott has co-authored a few .NET books, and has articles published in the best technical magazines in the industry. He speaks at industry conferences, code camps, and regional user groups.

When away from the computer he likes to play softball and golf.


Scott Dockendorf

Scott Dockendorf is an active member of the .NET community, volunteering his time as the Program Director of the North Dallas .NET User Group, delivers sessions to local .NET User Groups, and is an active volunteer for INETA’s International Academic Committee for Texas. Scott is recognized as a Microsoft C# MVP and an ASPInsider.


Steven Smith

Steven Smith is president of and He is a Microsoft Regional Director, an ASP.NET MVP, and an ASPInsider Board Member. He is an INETA Speaker Bureau member, and author of two books on ASP.NET. He lives in Kent, Ohio with his wife and business partner Michelle and their daughter Ilyana. Steve is also an Army Reserve officer, and spent most of 2004 in Iraq in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom. When not playing with software technologies, Steve enjoys bicycling, hiking, martial arts, and spending time outdoors.

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August 23, 2007 Ask An Expert Live Chat

The Strong Coders Community will be hosting its monthly Ask An Expert Live chat on Thursday, August 23, 2007 at 5:00 PM PDT. Get your tough development questions answered by Microsoft MVPs, ASPInsiders, Regional Directors, and other industry experts.

Experts will be on hand to answer your .NET- and Visual Studio-related questions. No off topic questions.

Please note that this chat is not being hosted by Microsoft and as such questions regarding upcoming products and future product specs may not be answered.