AT&T Tilt 8925

In my never ending quest to find the perfect cell phone I just traded in my iPhone for an AT&T Tilt 8925. The iPhone was lacking features in areas I used most such as email. It's my understanding that Windows Mobile 7 is supposed to take more of an iPhone approach, so I can wait until then. I'm excited about an old feature: Exchange synchronization. It's nice to have my contacts and calendar appointments update on the fly instead of having to sync with iTunes. Other features that made me switch include:

  • No Bcc capability
  • No MMS capability
  • No way to insert attachments in emails other than attaching a photo directly from the photo
  • Some email messages took a while to open if they had a large attachment
  • Only 1 email signature applied to all email accounts
  • Exchange support only via IMAP and no Exchange integration
  • Syncing only via iTunes
  • No ability to record videos
  • Closed device

When more of these features are baked into the iPhone, I'll be willing to give it another try. I enjoyed the overall user experience, but missed what I mentioned above.