IndiMIX ’06: The largest event in India ever

The brush strokes of creativity have overpowered the Web. Innovation thrives in this domain of opportunity. It’s not about bits or bytes; it’s about experiences and expressions.

Creative impulse now powers the Web; inventiveness wins hearts, emotions rule…It is The Next Web Now.

Businesses find new horizons, find new ways to establish connections, and not just another dot in the address. The Web has changed to deliver meaningful experiences.

The revolution is upon us. You can choose to ignore it, or thrive in this new realm of opportunity.

IndiMIX ’06 – It is testimony to the promise of effective Web experiences; it is the point of inflexion; it is the demonstration of the genesis of creativity and innovation; it is The Next Web Now.

Business professionals, Designers, Developers – Join Steve Ballmer, Microsoft CEO in Mumbai on November 9, 2006 at IndiMIX ’06 for this seminal web conclave. 

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