CodeDigest.Com Articles – July,2008



 Parameters in C# – Part 1

This series of article will help us to understand the basics of variables and parameters in C#. Parameters in C# – Part 1, we will understand how the variables and instances are stored and manipulated in .Net environment.

Parameters in C# – Part 2

Parameters in C#, Part 2 of this article series will discuss on value types and reference types. This Part will help us to clear some confusions we have around Reference types.

Parameters in C# – Part 3

Parameters in C#, Part 3 of this article series will concentrate on Value types in C#. After reading Part 2 and Part 3 of this article series we can understand the main differences between a value type and reference type.

Parameters in C# – Part 4

Parameters in C#, Part – 4 of this article series will help us understand, passing the parameters in C#. This part will concentrate on pass by value with a example wherever necessary.


 ListView Control in ASP.Net 3.5

ListView is a new databound control that is shipped with ASP.Net 3.5. ListView control is similar to GridView, Repeater, and DataList which helps us to display a table of data with awesome additional features.

Sending Email using C# and ASP.Net 2.0

This article will help us to send email using C# and ASP.Net. This article will also help us to achieve sending email with embedding image in email body. It also discusses on using gmail smtp to send email with c# and

Paging in ListView in ASP.Net 3.5

My previous article, ListView Control in ASP.Net 3.5 provides a good understanding on the new control with a sample databinding. Our next step will be, adding paging feature to the ListView control. Like GridView, Paging in ListView control is not an integral part of the control itself. It can be provided through a new control in ASP.Net 3.5 called DataPager control.

 GridView with Thumbnail Images – Part 1

There will be requirements where we need to display the images stored in database in a gridview. Part 1, deals with creation of thumbnails and binding it to the GridView. On clicking the gridview the full image will be displayed in a pop up window.

Most frequently used features of ASP.Net 2.0

ASP.Net 2.0 has introduced many useful features which made developers life easy. There are some tasks which we will use repeatedly in our projects. Some of these tasks are provided as a readymade feature and are easily available to use with the introduction of ASP.Net 2.0.


 ADO.Net 2.0 Features – MARS and Generic Data Access Code

The Part III of this article series – ADO.Net 2.0 Features, will help us understanding 2 more new features that are packed with ADO.Net 2.0, MARS and Generic Data Access.

 ADO.Net 2.0 Features – Connection Statistics and TransactionScope Object

The Part IV of this article series – ADO.Net 2.0 Features, will help us understanding 2 more new features that are packed with ADO.Net 2.0, Connection Statistics and TransactionScope Object.


Javascript tips for ASP.Net

We use Javascript whenever we need to do some clientside operations in There are so many operations which we repeatedly use in our applications. This article will list some of the repeated Javascript utilities, which we can use in our application.


Active Directory for FBA in SharePoint using LDAP

This article explains about how Active Directory can be used in FBA, configure a custom source for profile import, and enable mysite access from primary site without challenged for authentication. We use LdapMembershipProvider and LdapRoleProvider for the same.

AJAX Dependent Custom Fields

This article explains how to create (taking dependent dropdownlist as an example), code, and deploy dependent custom fields using AJAX while doing so. Note: Source Code Attached.



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