5 Useful Tips for ASP.Net Application

There are so many tasks/operations that are repeatedly done in ASP.Net applications. This article will list some of the useful tasks that we can use in our asp.net application extensively.

1.      Get Extension from Path/URL.

2.      Clearing input controls at a stretch in ASP.Net.

3.      Get Control Name in JavaScript When Using MasterPages.

4.      Invoking an Event in ASPX Page from UserControl.

5.      Selecting/Highlighting the TextBox Value If Validation Fails.

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CodeDigest.Com – ArticleDigest – Aug,2008

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Edit,Update,Delete and Insert in ListView Control Our next step in learning ListView Control is to add edit/update/delete/insert feature to the ListView control. In GridView, the Edit/Update/Delete feature is an inbuilt one and can be achieved without writing a line of code with the help of DataSource controls. Likewise, the ListView control also have inbuilt Edit/Update/Delete feature and additionally, insert feature is also introduced as an inbuilt one.

GridView with Thumbnail Images – Part 2 Part 2 of this article will also generate the thumbnail image for the images stored in database and display it on the GridView. Like Part 1, when the user clicks on the thumbnail image displayed on the gridview it will display the full image, but inside a DIV tag on the same page instead of a popup, which gives a better user experience.

Design Pattern Interview Questions Part 1 This article is a short questions and answer format to learn design patterns from interview perspective.In this section we will cover basic definitions , factory patterns and abstract factory pattern from interview perspective.

Implementing Forms Authentication in ASP.Net 2.0 Authentication is one of the important modules in any ASP.Net site we develop, unless and until there is nothing private on the site or something we explicitly know as being unnecessary. . This article will explore the implementation forms authentication using in ASP.Net 2.0.

Deploying ASP.NET Applications This article targets developer community to have some of the rudimentary knowledge on deployment of ASP.Net application on IIS 6.0.Virtual Directories and Creating it.Application Pools, Creating Application Pools and why it is used?Use of service accounts in App Pools.web.Config Settings and using Web.Config Settings for debugging errors.Common hindrance we may possibly face during deployment and resolutions.

New Image Generator control in ASP.Net 3.5 Storing images in database BLOB field and displaying it in ASP.Net page is one of the common tasks we do in asp.net projects. Asp.Net itself does not have an in build control to bind the image stored in database. This week Microsoft have released a new control called ASP.NET Generated Image control to display image in ASP.Net page. This article will give you a kick start on this control and some of its features.

Display Request Processing Time in ASP.Net pages There are some sites in internet who are displaying the time taken to process the request given to the server at the end of every page. This article will help us to implement this feature in our asp.net sites. This helps a developer to understand how much time it takes to complete the processing of a particular request which he can use for performance check.

 GridView with Thumbnail Images – Part 3 GridView with thumbnail Images, Part 1 and Part 2 of this article series discussed how to generate thumbnail images from the Images stored in database. I thought of continuing this article series with Part 3 which is aimed to generate thumbnail images from the images stored in a file system instead of database.


 Parameters in C# – Part 5 Parameters in C#, Part – 5 of this article series will help us understand, passing the parameters in C#. This part will concentrate on Pass by Reference with an example wherever necessary.

 Parameters in C# – Part 6 Parameters in C#, Part – 6 of this article series will help us understand, passing the parameters in C#. This part will concentrate on Output parameters with an example wherever necessary.

Parameters in C# – Part 7 Parameters in C#, Part – 7 of this article series will help us understand, passing the parameters in C#. This part will concentrate on Parameter Arrays with an example wherever necessary.

 Design Pattern Interview Question part 2 Builder, prototype and singleton pattern We continue the part 2 series of design pattern interview questions.


Implementing AJAX Enabled Applications in ASP.Net AJAX stands for Asynchronous JavaScript and XML. AJAX can be used for asynchronous request/response processing in a web application without refreshing whole page in the browser. To implement AJAX enabled application, Microsoft released a framework called ASP.Net AJAX.

Building AJAX Applications using ASP.Net AJAX Framework The implementation of AJAX enabled application is made easy with the help of 2 new controls called UpdatePanel control and ScriptManager control in ASP.Net AJAX framework. This are the two primary controls that makes AJAX happen with very less effort. This article will help us understand the usage of these two new controls by implementing a sample application.

Error Handling in ASP.Net Ajax Applications By default, whenever there are any error occurred in the server side processing using ASP.Net Ajax, the error message is notified to the user using a message box (alert). The error message that is displayed on the message box will be the actual error message contained in the original exception’s Message property.

 Ajax Control Toolkit – Introduction Ajax Control Toolkit is set of server controls created by Microsoft and community to work with ASP.Net AJAX applications. It is available as separate download in asp.net site. This article will give an introduction on extender controls and on how to use these extender controls that comes with Ajax Control toolkit in our projects.

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