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Hi All, Welcome to the CodeDigest.Com Digest for the Month – July, 2009. Last month we have entered into top 100000 sites listed by alexa which clearly indicated that we are growing fast. Thanks again to everyone for the support and kindness you are showering for CodeDigest.Com.

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This month we have released technology news section on CodeDigest.Com. You submit technology news here. Hope you will enjoy this month’s digest!!
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This Month Contest
Shock-You-Friend Electric Shock Ball Pen (Practical Joke)
Contribution Required:For Participation..Submit one article OR one code snippet OR a FAQ
1.5-inch LCD Desktop Digital Photo Frame with Stand
Contribution Required:3 Articles OR 5 Codesnippets OR 6 FAQ’s
Stylish Translucent Desktop LCD Clock with Digital Thermometer
Contribution Required:2 Articles OR 3 Codesnippets OR 4 FAQ’s
New Articles Published
Working with DateTime Object and Formatting DateTime Object in ASP.Net
DateTime is one of the most frequently used objects in any project we work. Most often, we get requirements to do some basic operations like formatting, adding, comparing on the datetime objects in our projects. This article will help us to understand the DateTime object and other operation we can do with datetime object.
User Controls and Dynamic User controls in ASP.Net
Apart from inbuilt server controls and HTML controls, ASP.Net offers us the flexibility to create our own custom control which can be reused across our project. This is because, not every time the inbuilt controls will satisfy all our needs. To overcome this difficulty, infrastructure allows us to create our own custom control and user control to build our own functionalities.
SEO Friendly Custom Paging and Jump To a Page Functionality in GridView Control Using LINQ
The main disadvantage of the inbuilt pager in GridView control is, it is not simply a hyper link to a page but they are associated with javascript which makes a postback to bind the current page records and thus making it not search engine friendly pager. A link is search engine friendly if it has a target page associated with it through href property. Search engines will automatically reach the target page and will index those pages in this case.
Introduction to jQuery in ASP.Net and 10 Advantages to Choose jQuery
jQuery is a light weight javascript library which provides fast and easy way of HTML DOM traversing and manipulation, event handling, client side animations, etc. One of the greatest features of jQuery is, it supports an efficient way to implement AJAX applications because of its light weight nature. Read more in this article..
Consuming WebService in WPF Application
This article explains how to consume a Web Service in WPF Windows application. It requires binding of WPF controls to data coming from a web service.
New Codes Published
Upload file with Progress Bar : In a tweak
Move/Scroll Page to Top After Asynchronous Postback in UpdatePanel in ASP.Net AJAX
Get Selected RadioButtonList Value using JavaScript in ASP.Net
Styling the Alternating Row of HTML table Using jQuery
Selecting HyperLinks based on the Target URL’s Extension Using jQuery
New FAQs Published
“Transaction count after EXECUTE indicates that a COMMIT or ROLLBACK TRANSACTION statement is missing. Previous count = 1, current count = 2.”
“The external credentials in the SSO database are more recent”
I need to know that why certain file names on my system turn blue?
‘C:\xxx.csproj’ cannot be opened because its project type (.csproj) is not supported by this version of the application.
Could not load file or assembly ‘Microsoft.Web.Administration, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=31bf3856ad364e35’ or one of its dependencies. The system cannot find the file specified.
What is the difference between Body.OnLoad and jQuery document.ready() Event?
News Published
IronPython 2.6 Beta 2 released – A real crush in DLR
Microsoft Tag API announcement
Silverlight 3 Released
New MVPs Announced – FY10Q1 (July 2009)