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Microsoft SharePoint set to expire


Microsoft today announced that they have another SharePoint “opps” in the works.  The fact that the blog post came from a Corporate Vice President suggests to me just how bad this “opps” is and also just how seriously they take it.  The blog post here shows that if you apply Service Pack 2 to a full SharePoint 2007 server, or Search Server 2008 Express that it will stop working after 180 days.  They are working on a bug and will have something out shortly.

THIS DOES NOT AFFECT SBS 2008 – It does however affect Search Server 2008 Express which I know a few SBSers are playing with.

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Published: 23/05/2009 8:45 AM

Great SharePoint Tools


There is currently a big SharePoint conference running in the USA and as a result of that a host of new SharePoint announcements.  Here’s a few that I think may be relevant to those in the SMB market space.

External Collaboration Toolkit – this kit can be used to setup a SharePoint site on your network and have internal users access the site using their normal AD account, with external users accounts being in a separate database on the network.  You still need to have a Windows Server CAL to be legitimately licensed, but this increases security and functionality at the same time.  You can find out more about the SharePoint External Collaboration Toolkit from

GEAR UP for SharePoint – this will help you get ready to deploy SharePoint to your customer sites.

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Published: 5/03/2008 7:36 AM