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That’s my first Windows mobile application you’re seeing below.

Most cellular service providers in India broadcast the location of the communicating cell tower to the phone. Where Am I (Wami) is a managed Windows Mobile application that uses the broadcast information to let you know where you are and when you will reach your destination. The screenshot above shows that I’m at INDIRA NAGAR, somewhere close to TIDEL PARK and that I’ll reach home at 12:59 AM.

How does Wami do this? There’s a sister application, RouteLogger, that automatically logs cell tower locations (INDIRA NAGAR, for e.g) along with the time taken to reach the current location from the previous location. You take the route log generated by RouteLogger, group the locations into broad categories that you can readily identify (TIDEL PARK, for e.g.) and then give those route details to Wami. Wami then uses that information, and the current cell tower location, to tell you where you are and when you will reach the final destination as well as intermediate locations.

I wrote this application to solve a specific problem – knowing my whereabouts when taking an overnight train. I travel to my hometown once a month and I usually choose to take an overnight train. When I wake up, I have no idea where I am or when the train will reach my hometown. Wami tells me both.

I figured that it will be useful to a lot of other people as well. The code is not ready for primetime yet, but I’ll be releasing a beta version shortly. I’m also planning to set up a website that’ll allow people to share route logs. If you are interested in Wami, please post a comment so I know and keep watching this space!

4 thoughts on “Where Am I”

  1. Hey,

    WOW. This is really cool.

    Could you please specify the hardware and software configuration of the mobile phone or the PDA and also Windows Mobile versions required..

  2. this is a feature that has been sorely missing in the Windows Mobile. your application would fulfill that gap as well for milliions of Windows mobile user.

    i appreciate the effort to put this up for the community..

    way to go!

  3. Hi,
    Nice application.. But could you help me to install it in the mobile ? Which files should be install in mobile ?


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