The Microsoft SharePoint Team Starts a blog

I realize I may be a little late with this news but just in case you missed it the first time around (like I did) I thought I would share the link.  Should be some good stuff.  🙂


The best part?  Since they are calling it the SharePoint team blog that is a good sign that name isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.  And when your company name is SharePoint911 getting the feeling Microsoft will continue using that naming convention is a very good thing.

Ok back to work!



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Move the contents of a document library using explorer view.

I have seen this question below enough times I thought I would take a crack at answering it in high detail.  There are a couple of ways to do this so I will create a series of articles on how to do it.  This is the first and probably simplest method.  Enjoy. 


I have a number of documents in a document workspace at our group’s top-level site. I would like to move them to a sub-site, but can’t get it figured out. I am a new user and this is frustrating me.


Can you tell me how to move documents from one document library to another?




-News Group User




1.  Go to the document library that has the documents you would like to move.



2.  Now under select a view chose Explorer View


3.  You should see as above a view just like if you had opened the document library in Windows Explorer.  So now lets select just the files, right click, and then chose cut.  Depending on your IE security settings you may see this message below. 

If you do just press yes.  It is just warning you that you may not want to really run system commands against a web site.  In this case you do. 


4.  Now we want to go to the document library we want to move them to and chose explorer view.



5.      Now right click in the explorer view and choose Paste.  Once the copy process is done this is what you should see.

Hope this helps you out. 


Warning.  You will lose any MetaData or versions if you have them set up on your list.  I didn’t realize this until Bil Simser pointed it out to me.  He has a great blog on the topic here.  So if you need to retain this information you need to find another solution. 





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