MOSS – After an upgrade you can only create publishing sub sites

If you have upgraded your SharePoint Portal Server 2003 environment to MOSS 2007 you may have found a nuisance. Whenever you are in a publishing site (which replaced areas from 2003) and you click site actions > create site your only choice is Publishing site. Now if you have installed MOSS 2007 fresh you will find that when you click create site you have the option for any type of site.

Why? The reason for this behavior is the upgrade. Everything that you called an area or sub-area in v2 will be upgraded to a Publishing site in v3. And if you remember all the way back to SPS 2003 (you know 2 months ago) then you will recall that when you were in a portal area the only option you had was to create a sub area. So when the upgrade took place the behavior got brought over. Luckily now in MOSS we are not locked into such a regimented policy.

How do I fix it? So you want it to behave as it did in 2003? You came to the right place. To fix the problem:

  1. Go to the home of your portal.

  2. Click Site Actions > Site Settings > Modify all site settings.

  3. Under Look and Feel click Page layouts and site templates

  4. You will be taken to this screen:

  1. Now choose Subsites can use any site template

  2. Check the box for Reset all subsites to inherit these preferred subsite template settings

  3. Click OK

Now you are in business.

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