Problems with licensing MOSS

So today had someone who had used the 180 day trial key of MOSS to its end. Apparently their key expired while we were all grilling out this weekend whoops.

Well, no problem. Just use my blog article How do I find out when my MOSS trial expires? And it has a section on “How to update from MOSS trial to MOSS Standard or Enterprise”. Crisis averted.

Not so fast. She was now getting the error message:

Your license conversion operation failed. Check the error logs for details.

Upon looking in Event Viewer (eventvwr) she was getting

Event Type:    Error

Event Source:    Windows SharePoint Services 3

Event Category:    Timer

Event ID:    6398

Date:        5/29/2007

Time:        8:36:17 AM

User:        N/A

Computer:    SERVER1


The Execute method of job definition Microsoft.Office.Server.Administration.LicensingConversionJob (ID b535873a-5ff6-434c-b694-6e19eb40da4e) threw an exception. More information is included below.


Arithmetic operation resulted in an overflow.


For more information, see Help and Support Center at


Interesting…. Upon further examination it seemed that her collaboration portal was working fine but her publishing portal still thought it was using an expired trial edition. If you checked Central Administration (check above article if you need help doing this) it said everything was fine.


So how do we fix this horrible problem? IISRESET.exe


I am going to do some more digging to see if I can find out why or what happened but best I can tell all is well.


Shane Young – SharePoint Help

19 thoughts on “Problems with licensing MOSS”

  1. On two installations that I’ve upgraded the license from trial I’ve had to IISreset before it took affect. I’ve just moved to acceptance that an IISreset is part of the process.


  2. I just went through this and an IISreset alone was not enough to solve the issue. I also had to restart the Windows SharePoint Services Timer (OWSTIMER.EXE)

  3. Could you explain what I need to do with the iisreset? I’ve got the Standard edition trial with quite a few months left on the trial. I got an Enterprise trial key when I downloaded and installed Standard too and want to upgrade my trial licence to Enterprise. I get the same error as you? I’ve rebooted the server with no effect, so what switches to I do in iisreset that cures this issue?

  4. I get the ‘Your license conversion operation failed. Check the error logs for details.’ but i don’t have the error in the log. Now i have restarted the system. How can i check that it is running with the changed license?

  5. I run installed MOSS from an actionpack so i don’t have the license error listed. Is there any other way to check on which license it is running to check if MOSS now runs with the new license?

  6. I have used the license from a actionpack sow it doesn’t show in the check services list. Now how can i check on which license it is running?

  7. I’m upgrading from a trial MOSS Standard edition (now expired as of 9/9/07 ‘cos I’ve been trying to upgrade it for so long) to a MOSS Enterprise (legit) Edition.

    I get the same errors as listed. I’ve tried iisreset.exe and iisreset.exe /force. I’ve tried recycling the Timer Service and neither work.

    Any ideas what to do?

  8. I do not have a trial version, but rather a Standard version already installed. I’m trying to convert using my Enterprise license key, but it always errors out. As soon as I get the error, I do an IISRESET, but that does nothing. I’ve tried to then reset the Timer Service, but still nothing happens. Is there a different order in which I should be doing this? I shouldn’t have to do anything except “convert” the license, I’m sure, but nothing ever seems to work quite right in MOSS, hah.

  9. If you are all still trying to find a fix then heres a possible solution that I found and have implemented successfully.

    Install a new installation of MOSS 2007 from your licensed media. License it with your purchased license. Now attach your original content database to the new site (there are several Technet and blogs detailing how to do this, just do some Googling).

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