Another day, another new error message

After upgrading from SPS 2003 to MOSS 2007 we had an issue with the index process. After starting a full crawl it would peg the server out and would have a status of Crawling – Local Office SharePoint Server sites | computing ranking. And while it would index most of the items it never would actual finish. UGH. So after trying all of the normal tricks like resetting the index, stopping the search service and restarting it, etc nothing would work. So then we went digging in the logs and found this beauty.

07/19/2007 15:03:35.65     mssearch.exe (0x0DEC)     0x0E88    Search Server Common     GathererSql     0    Monitorable    CSqlCrawl::ExecuteCommand fails Error 0x80040e2f – File:d:\office\source\search\search\gather\server\gathersql.cxx Line:407

A quick web search found nothing. How rude. A lot more random search combinations did net me this though.

I first found Mike Hanley’s Blog SharePoint 2007 Search Never Stops Crawling which didn’t exactly get me fixed but did lead me to find from Microsoft. Also, Andrew Woodward had put the two together SQL Maintenance Plans and MOSS give 100% CPU error.

So really I say all of this to get the error message out here and in the Web Search indexes so next time someone has the issue they don’t spend hour searching.

Shane Young – SharePoint Help

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