Speaking at the Tampa, FL User Group

This one should be fun. Ted Pattison and I will be doing a Search presentation on Monday. Stop in if you get a chance. I will be in town teaching my new SharePoint Administration class. Full details below:


Our October meeting will host a talk by not just one, but two SharePoint MVPs. Shane Young and Ted Pattison will co-present a session titled Configuring and Extending Enterprise Search with SharePoint Server 2007.

Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 (MOSS) includes out-of-the-box support for crawling and searching the content and documents stored inside Windows file shares, SharePoint sites, Exchange Public Folders, Lotus Notes, web sites and the Business Data Catalog (BDC). This evening’s talk discusses how to configure the SharePoint Search Service and how to extend the user interface of a SharePoint site by adding and connecting together the MOSS Search Web Parts. The session also explores how to write custom code against the SharePoint Server object model to execute custom queries against the search engine as well as how to process the search result using XSLT. Come and ye shall find! 

Monday, October 29thClick HERE to register for this event

Please install the SharePoint updates on your server

Seriously, you should install the updates before you have to set those clocks back an hour. Heck, if I am having to remind you this then I should also remind you to check the batteries in your smoke detectors. J

This is a security update! Yes, I know it fixes the annoying day light savings issues it also fixes some important security issues. Read the security bulletin. Does your server face the internet? Maybe as an extranet? Then you should of installed this yesterday.

Here are my brief yet kind of helpful instructions. There is nothing earth shattering here. I just know people like to know exactly what they are in for before doing an update. These instructions are only right if you are running One SharePoint Server. If you have multiple SharePoint servers you need to read these instructions. For WSS update and MOSS update. These instructions cover how to verify if you already have installed the patches, known issues, secure and farm scenarios, still in the middle of an upgrade from v2, how to use the updates folder for a fresh install, how to detach your content databases to speed up the update, and how to verify the install was successful.

If you have any issues after you install the updates then check out Bill Baer’s post http://blogs.technet.com/wbaer/archive/2007/10/15/kb934525-troubleshooting.aspx It fixed one of my customer issues and some post on the MSDN Forums. But don’t tell Bill it helped you, his head is getting too big already. 😉

You will have downtime while installing these updates! Plan accordingly. Some servers will even have to reboot, others will not. (I have been exactly 50-50 on this.)

Ok here is my setup that I am about to patch. Server 1 is the SQL 2005 SP2 database box. Server 2 is a Windows Server 2003 SP2 with MOSS 2007 Enterprise installed. I am doing everything on Server 2. I give you run times on the longer parts for reference points. Your times will vary!

  1. Backup SharePoint!
  2. Download the software you need. For my servers I downloaded the 32 bit editions. You must install BOTH the WSS and MOSS update if you have MOSS installed.
    1. WSS v3 32bit update
    2. MOSS 2007 32bit update
    3. WSS v3 64bit update
    4. MOSS 2007 64bit update
  3. Stop the World Wide Web Publishing Services to keep your users off the server.
    1. Start > Administrative Tools > Services
    2. Scroll to the bottom of the list, click World Wide Web Publishing Service
    3. Click the Stop button
  4. Install the WSS update (total time less than 2 minutes)
    1. Find the downloaded file. For me this was wssv3-kb934525-fullfile-x86-glb.exe
    2. Double click to run the file
    3. Read the license terms, click accept
    4. Click continue
    5. At the reminder message click OK
    6. Now it starts processing the update.
    7. At the installation complete message click OK
  5. Now if you have just WSS skip to step 7
  6. Install the MOSS update (total time less than 2 minutes)
    1. Find the downloaded file. For me this was Officeserver2007-kb937832-fullfile-x86-glb.exe
    2. Double click to run the file
    3. Read the license terms, click accept
    4. Click continue
    5. At the reminder message click OK
    6. Now the update process…
    7. At the end of my update I was greeted with a REBOOT message. If you are then click Yes to reboot. If not click OK at the installation complete message.
  7. Run SharePoint Configuration Wizard (15 minutes)
    1. Start > All Programs > Microsoft Office Server > SharePoint Product and Technologies Configuration Wizard
    2. Click Next at the Welcome screen
    3. Click Yes at the warning about restarting services
    4. Click Next at the Completing the SharePoint Product and Technologies Configuration Wizard
    5. Your server is now processing step 1
    6. You will be prompted to now install the updates on other servers in your farm. Click OK since you only have 1 SharePoint server.
    7. Now your server is processing steps 2 through 9.
    8. At step 8 I noticed this error. Best I can tell nothing bad happened. If you see this makes sure search still works. The install doc above covers how to restart search if you do have issues.

    9. Speaking of step 8 it took my server approximately 13 minutes to process 4.4 GB of content. I am sure your times will vary. Just don’t panic on this step if it takes a while. It is essentially touching all of your content.
    10. At Configuration Successful click Finish
  8. Check out Central Admin
    1. Restart the World Wide Web Publishing service you stopped in step 2. If you had to reboot this is not necessary.
    2. Click Operations tab
    3. Under Topologies and Services click Servers in farm
    4. Next to your server you should see Version not If you do you should be good to go.

That is it. 🙂

If you have question not covered contact me or check out Joel’s Update FAQs

Shane – SharePoint Help

This class is going to be awesome!

I hate my computer. I just spent 30 minutes pouring my soul into a blog article talking about my new class Professional SharePoint Server 2007 Administration. It was a poetic master piece written as a Haiku in perfect verse… or it was kind of funny and dumb. You pick what it was. But no Vista 64 and Office 2007 decided to implode. So I am left with nothing. So now you get the short version in my version of a poem.

Learning about professional SharePoint administration will make you cool,

Who else is going to show you how to do a least privileged install with Kerberos set?

That’s right, you will be hands on with everything right down to the app pool,

And at the end of class you will have built an intranet.


There will be capacity planning, performance tuning, and don’t forget about DR and backup.

Features, WSPs, and the web.config I will tell you what you should not forget.

And of course we will cover how to fix it when things get all jacked-up.

FBA, anonymous access, and firewalls are all you will need for the internet.


If you have ever heard me speak,

Then you know Cow jokes are what I love most.

The wife argues that makes me a geek,

Surely not after this post.


But who better to teach you SharePoint,

Than a guy who work with it 70 hours a week.

How else would I teach you what privileges to appoint,

Or how to get your farm running at the peak?


I heart SharePoint Search is the rumor on the street.

I guess that means the lab will be really deep.

Learning how to optimize performance will make you elite,

On your next job review you will be able to make a leap.


On stage at TechEd Joel and I said that’s hot

Talking about planning the perfect server farm.

In class we learn SQL Express is not

And how customizing navigation will cause you no harm.


The weather right now it is 47 degrees in Cincinnati,

Hopefully by October 29th it will not have snowed yet

Yet in Tampa it is 82 and Ted is grilling up an all beef patty

So meet me there, all you need to is get on a jet!


Seriously though the class is very deep and hands on. No marketing fluff or high level stuff. And please don’t hold my terrible poem against the class. I write good! Just ask my English teacher (D- last time I took it). Anyway, it is 2:15 AM and I am going to bed. Hopefully the Wife and dogs left me some room. I just reread that thing. Has to be the most embarrassing thing I have done all week. Wonder if I will delete this in the morning…. (probably should).



Typical problem with a least privileged install

If you are keeping with best practices and doing any type of install where security is important (shouldn’t it always be) then you have probably done a least privileged install. Probably using these instructions Least-privilege administration requirements when using domain user accounts.

One of the challenges of this type of install is things don’t always work as expected. Take for example the RADEditor for SharePoint 2007. This handy little tool allows cross-browser rich text edit. Huh? These lets your users with FireFox (or the other 2nd tier browsers) go from an experience like this when editing a wiki

To something very similar to what the Internet Explorer users see

That is pretty cool huh?

The way it works is you download their WSS Solutions Package (WSP) and deploy it to your web application. Then you have a feature named Use RadEditor to edit List items available at the Web (single site) level. The first time you activate the feature it attempts to copy RadEditorList.ascx from c:\program files\common files\Microsoft Shared\web server extensions\12\Template\Features\RadEditorFeature\ to c:\program files\common files\Microsoft Shared\web server extensions\12\Template\ControlTemplates. The only problem is it requires administrator rights on the server to move the file. And the account that it is attempting to use to move the file is your application pool account. And if you did a “proper” install that account does not have local administrator permissions on the SharePoint Server.

The problem? You never get an error message to let you know the copy failed. 🙁 So you are left guessing. Once you discover this problem simply move the file over to the proper directory. Now do an IISReset.exe and your non-IE users will be happy.

The main reason I bring up this issue is it is very common. Often when you do a least privileged install you will find little issues like this, so be prepared.


Shane – SharePoint Help