Finding My Links in the Database

If someone asked you where My Links were stored what you say?

First guess? They are part of My Sites right? I mean that is where you go to manage them and such. Nope. They are actually stored in your profile.

The reason I found out? A couple of my customers did some work around creating a new SSP and moving My Sites. When they got the My Sites moved over to the new location to their displeasure they found My Links missing. So they called me. Long story short I will tell you how to figure out what database they are in and how to read them out.

As always! Modifying a SharePoint Database is NOT SUPPORTED. Some would even argue running this select query against a database is not supported. In a perfect world ok, but sometimes people want info out of the DB not excuses. So don’t shoot the messenger, I am just telling you how to get to it. If you do it or not is up to you.

  1. So the first thing you need to do is figure out what profile database you need information out of. To do that you go to Central Admin.
  2. Now Click Shared Services Administration from the quick launch.
  3. From this screen hover over the appropriate SSP name, click the drop down arrow, and choose Edit Properties.

  4. Now find where it says SSP Database. This your Database Name.
  5. Now you need to open a SQL Query Window using the SQL Management tools
  6. Then run the query below – Remember to replace the Use statement with your database name from step 4

Use SharedServices1_DB








UserLinks UL inner join UserProfile_Full UP on UL.recordId = UP.recordID


  1. You should then get a nice table of your results back.

  2. In the case of Kenny and Dave they will be emailing each user a report of their links so they can set them up again. Not saying you couldn’t find a different way to do this. J That is just the best solution for them.


Special thanks goes out to Kenny T and Dave E for their help with getting this information out there. They have inspired other blog post in the past but this time they actually wrote the SQL query so they get their names up in lights. Thanks guys!


Enjoy Turkey Day!


Shane – SharePoint Help