Error using Stsadm –o restore

Got this email earlier this week.


I am using the Microsoft Site Undelete tool (download from here) you recommended. I had user delete his site accidently and I am trying to restore it. It was successfully backed up by the tool to a file called sitename.bak. So I ran the command:

Stsadm.exe –o restore –url http://portal/sites/sitename -filename sitename.bak

When I ran the command I got the error:

Your backup is from a different version of Windows SharePoint Services and cannot be restored to a server running the current version. The backup file should be restored to a server with version ‘1178817357.0.105904.0’ or later.

What gives? Shouldn’t my version be or 12.0.6219.1000?


Well after scratching my head for a few minutes I realized the mistake. He was trying to restore an individual site instead of a site collection. The undelete tool is smart enough to know when you do a delete if you are deleting a site or a site collection. When you delete a site the tool will actually do a stsadm –o export before deleting the site, this is what happened to our guy. So to restore the file he simply needed to run the command:

Stsadm –o import -url http://portal/sites/sitename -filename sitename.bak  

(Thanks Jeff)

That is all it takes. So don’t get your site collection backups (stsadm –o backup) confused with your site backups (stsadm –o export).

Also, worth noting because I can hear Todd complaining now. If you will call your sub-sites web and call your site collections sites like the developers do your life will be easier.

Also, also I only have one more chapter on the SharePoint Admin Book to go.


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