Todd Klindt and Shane Young Take Tampa

To teach an awesome 5 day SharePoint administrators only class. You didn’t think we were betting on the Rays to win the World Series did you?

Nope instead Todd and I will be teaching SharePoint Survival Camp the best SharePoint Administrator Training you can get anywhere. We are going to take my standard 4 day Professional SharePoint Administration class and add another of admin goodness. If you have ever seen Todd and I present on stage at TechEd in America or Europe you know the entertainment value we bring. And in case you aren’t buying into that how about this it will be 80 degrees and Christmas will come early.

What do I mean early Christmas? I mean in our efforts to jumpstart the economy I am willing to take all of Todd’s paycheck for the class and spend it on give-a-ways. How generous am I? In the past we have given away Xbox 360s, Flat screen TVs, Zunes, Ipods, portable DVD players, books, shirts, and other random swag. What will we give-a-way this time? I have no clue but it will be very cool stuff (especially if Todd is in the Christmas spirit).

Yeah there are lots of good technical reasons to come to class like the best training possible but who cares about all of that? Ok maybe that is important too. So look forward to topics like:

  • Hands on lab that covers secure installs top to bottom
  • Sizing and performance tuning for your farms
  • More info about SQL Server than you can imagine
  • Windows Server 2008 and SQL 2008
  • STSADM and Power Shell
  • SEARCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • And much, much, more

Shane SharePoint Consulting

Installer/Uninstaller help

This isn’t just SharePoint but just general server/pc help.

Way to often people call/email/IM me about problems uninstalling software, usually after the uninstaller crapped out half way through the process or they hit cancel because it was taking too long to run. Or the reverse of that the install went belly up. They then end up in some limbo state of the software is only kind of there and they can’t remove it. Well my first advice is format the box but, nobody likes that. So the second piece of advice is to run the Windows Installer CleanUp Utility. This awesome little tool will show you everything that has been installed by the Windows installer and will allow you to remove any of those files. Not the actual program but all of the behind the scenes files that make the install possible. With those out of the way you can typically rerun your installer/uninstaller and do the job right.

I know when alpha/beta testing Office and SharePoint in the past this tool was a must.

Shane – SharePoint Consulting

A free admin webcast by me

Just click on the pretty link of me.  You do have to register to see the webcast.  The description is:

At a recent SharePoint conference, Bill Gates claimed that “SharePoint is the fastest-growing server product Microsoft has ever had.” What about your organization? Is SharePoint beginning to get out of control? Some of the most common challenges administrators face today include: poorly managed permissions, uncontrolled growth of sites and site collections, limited visibility into user activity, depleted or poorly utilized SharePoint resources, and the need to centrally control users, sites and site collections. In this hands-on webcast, Microsoft SharePoint MVP Shane Young will discuss the top ways to manage a rapidly growing SharePoint deployment so you can help manage to your organization’s governance policies. Topics covered include: permissions management and analysis, log files, monitoring and analyzing drive space, trend analysis, database maintenance, solution packages, data management and rearrangement, and activity monitoring and analysis.

Sounds like fun?  i thought so.  It is the quickest rundown of all of these things you will find.

Let me know what you think.

Shane – SharePoint Consulting




Speaking at SharePoint Users of Indiana 10/15/2008

Tomorrow night I will be doing one of my new favorite talks, Installing SharePoint properly. Essentially what I do in this talk is fire up my VPC and walk you through an install from beginning to end and all of the considerations that go along the way. There are some slides that go with it but most of the conversation is just that, talking through the process. You can download the presentation here but, just a heads up, I will not make it through all of the slides as the hands on is way more important. Don’t forget, bring your questions! Audience participation is what makes these so much fun.

And just in case you are thinking, I have installed SharePoint before I don’t need this information, I would respectfully disagree. There are very few installs out in the wild that were done 100% correctly, even when you followed one of the books. And if you do come and you did everything right then isn’t that a great feeling anyway. J

As always I will give away some cool stuff, at least a couple of books, and maybe something bigger that requires electricity. 😉

Shane SharePoint Consulting

Microsoft Search – SharePoint 2007 and Search Server 2008 now available

Tom Rizzo and Richard Riley were kind enough to include me on this awesome book that covers everything SharePoint search.

While those guys wrote really deep, geeky chapters I went the other direction and wrote administrator style chapters. One chapter is on planning and designing Search at the enterprise scale. The other chapter covers search administration and the new interface provided by the SharePoint infrastructure update.

Check out the book if you get a chance.

And as a special reward for reading my blog and reading this whole post you can enter to win one of two free copies of the book. All you have to do is send an email to freebook at SharePoint911 dot com before midnight (Eastern time)on 10/15/2008. You must be in the continental US to be eligible, sorry but shipping gets to be painful out of the states, I do appreciate all of my international readers. If we have more than 100 entries I may sweeten the pot a little so spread the word.

Shane SharePoint Consulting

Whole farm is down because timer jobs are not running

One of my clients this week managed to take his entire farm offline this week by upsetting the timer service. First a little background – currently they are scrambling to get SharePoint back to a happy state. Why? Well, as happens with lots of customers, SharePoint is too successful. When we originally setup their farm and upgraded from SPS2003 to MOSS 2007 they had about 20 GB of content that was growing at a very controlled pace. Fast forward a little more than a year and their content database is about 320 GB. YIKES! Even scarier most of their data is in one site collection. This is bad, very bad! Typical guidance is your content databases should be less than 100 GB.

Part of this growth has forced some moving of the databases to different drives and a database restore to deal with another issue. Well, anytime you want to move SharePoint databases around you should run the command stsadm –o preparetomove as documented by Cory Burns in the post Detaching databases in MOSS. If you didn’t you will start getting sync errors once an hour such as:

Failure trying to synch web application 09a21da5-4485-4b00-8268-772aea7fea12, ContentDB 65301403-c277-4b4c-ad5a-e822572d10ea: A duplicate site ID 3b3a4372-aa91-4e0c-ba57-2567958d81bb(http://portal/sites/test1) was found. This might be caused by restoring a content database from one server farm into a different server farm without first removing the original database and then running stsadm -o preparetomove. If this is the cause, the stsadm -o preparetomove command can be used with the -OldContentDB command line option to resolve this issue.

Cory then goes on how to fix it using stsadm –o sync. This is where my client was. He ran this command but for some reason (possible him specifying the wrong switches and accidently deleting a content db) the command hung up for a long period of time, and the portal users were unable to access the environment. So he killed the stsadm process. From that point all hell broke loose.

For several hours they attempted a lot of fixes found on the web. One of the fixes had them rename the folder located at C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Microsoft\SharePoint\Config\<guid>\. This was a bad option. The folder contains XML files for all of the timer job definitions that need to be ran and the idea was renaming the folder would cause SharePoint to create a new empty copy of the folder and then it could start creating the xml files again and get back to work. Nope, that isn’t how it works. What they needed to do was delete all of the XML files and leave the folder alone. Then when they restarted the timer service the proper XML files would have magically reappeared.

Hope this helps you


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