Speaking at SharePoint Users of Indiana 10/15/2008


Tomorrow night I will be doing one of my new favorite talks, Installing SharePoint properly. Essentially what I do in this talk is fire up my VPC and walk you through an install from beginning to end and all of the considerations that go along the way. There are some slides that go with it but most of the conversation is just that, talking through the process. You can download the presentation here http://www.sharepoint911.com/Documents/Indiana%20User%20Group%20October%202008.pdf but, just a heads up, I will not make it through all of the slides as the hands on is way more important. Don’t forget, bring your questions! Audience participation is what makes these so much fun.

And just in case you are thinking, I have installed SharePoint before I don’t need this information, I would respectfully disagree. There are very few installs out in the wild that were done 100% correctly, even when you followed one of the books. And if you do come and you did everything right then isn’t that a great feeling anyway. J

As always I will give away some cool stuff, at least a couple of books, and maybe something bigger that requires electricity. 😉

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