A free admin webcast by me

Just click on the pretty link of me.  You do have to register to see the webcast.  The description is:

At a recent SharePoint conference, Bill Gates claimed that “SharePoint is the fastest-growing server product Microsoft has ever had.” What about your organization? Is SharePoint beginning to get out of control? Some of the most common challenges administrators face today include: poorly managed permissions, uncontrolled growth of sites and site collections, limited visibility into user activity, depleted or poorly utilized SharePoint resources, and the need to centrally control users, sites and site collections. In this hands-on webcast, Microsoft SharePoint MVP Shane Young will discuss the top ways to manage a rapidly growing SharePoint deployment so you can help manage to your organization’s governance policies. Topics covered include: permissions management and analysis, log files, monitoring and analyzing drive space, trend analysis, database maintenance, solution packages, data management and rearrangement, and activity monitoring and analysis.

Sounds like fun?  i thought so.  It is the quickest rundown of all of these things you will find.

Let me know what you think.

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