Shane and Todd show in San Francisco in January

Should be a fun conference. Why? It starts out with a 1 day admin bonanza with Todd Klindt and yours truly. And just in case that isn’t complete worth the price of admission they have like 3 more days of content, sprinkled with random sessions from us. LOL

No seriously. Should be a really cool conference Jan 27 – 29 with some big name speakers including the infamous Tom Rizzo. Complete list here. The first day will feature full day and half day sessions while the remaining two will be the traditional 75 minutes sessions. I am really looking forward to the event, especially since there will be snow in Cincinnati in January but not in San Francisco. J I also heard yesterday the conference is going to sell out soon so you may need to poke your boss with a big stick to get this approved in time.

Most of the SharePoint911 crew will be at the conference so look for a little private get together at some point during the week. Stop by our both to get the scoop. J

Shane – SharePoint Consulting

Windows Server 2008 WFE will not allow large file uploads

I had a client a couple weeks ago who upgraded from SPS 2003 to MOSS 2007 using the database attach method. This means the MOSS farm was built on new hardware which we chose Windows Server 2008 for. This was a very challenging upgrade for several reasons but primarly because the 2003 site database was in bad shape. Once we worked through the issues and got things up we noticed strange behavior. When uploading a large file (anything larger than 28 MB) the browser would instantly come back with a 404 error. So our first thought was check the three normal settings for large uploads.

  • Central Admin > Application Management > General web application settings. By default this is 50 MB. You can increase to 2 GB.
  • Then you can go into IIS. Find your web application and go to properties. Then change the IIS timeout from 120 seconds to a much larger setting.
  • Upload.aspx is an application page. Application pages have their own web.config which controls their timeout. The default for these pages is 360 seconds. You need to increase this.

All of these settings apply whether you are using w2k3 or w2k8 and are covered in this kb

We made all of those changes and no change in behavior. And besides we didn’t have a timeout issue because on a 27 MB file is processed for a few seconds and then uploaded no problem. On a 30 MB or greater file it failed instantly.

Todd Klindt to the rescue he pointed me at this KB944981 – You cannot upload files that are larger than 28 MB on a Windows Server 2008-based computer that is running Windows SharePoint Services 3.0

So I gave it a try and it actually made things worse. What the heck? Well then I reread it. They tell you to make a change to the web.config and say just put the change in the <configuration> section. WRONG! Well kind of. You need to make the change in the <configuration> section but it has to be after the </configSections> tag. So I recommend you paste their change between </configSections> and the <SharePoint> tag.

Now everything works great. Do note their change only allows you to upload files with a size of 50 MB. If you want larger you will need to increase the maxAllowedContentLength=.

If you are going to be playing with Windows Server 2008 and SharePoint I recommend you go poke around the SharePoint and w2k8 resource center at Thanks to Emily Schroeder for the tweet on that page which she runs. J

Even better yet Todd and I have some fun new stuff coming on Windows Server 2008 and 64 bit before the end of the year.

Shane – SharePoint Consulting

Windows 2008 not playing nice with Central Admin

This is one for your “that is odd” file.

Just finished installing MOSS 2007 on a fresh w2k8 server with SQL 2008. All 64 bit. I am hoping to build a dedicated production server for instead of the current prod, test, dev, try crazy stuff server we have. J

After I finished installing I ran configuration wizard and created a new farm successfully. When config wizard finished it automatically launched Central Admin and all was well. I started bouncing around starting services and such. The home page of central admin looked something like:

Notice those nice links for Services on server or Incoming mail. Just as things should be.

Then I closed the browser and opened it again and manually typed in the URL for central admin. Now look at the screen shot and the missing links in the Topology and Services section.

Over on the Application Management tab Create a web application is missing. Why?

Well some people have learned (the hard way) if you are not a local administrator on the central admin server you have the same missing links but since I was logged in as the same user that wasn’t my issue. After about 10 minutes of beating my head on the table I did find the difference. When you go to Start > All Programs > Microsoft Office Server > SharePoint 3.0 Central Administration it is actually running configuration wizard with the showcentraladmin parameter. Through the magic that is SharePoint this command is also setting Internet Explorers protected mode to Off. With it Off you get all of the links. When you navigate by typing in the URL to Central Admin in IE protected mode is On by default for the Local Intranet zone. With it On no links for you.

You want even stranger. When I open IE on my Vista desktop and navigate to central admin (on the remote server) by default the site opens in the Internet Zone with Protected Mode On and I still get all the proper links.

Hope this saves someone. On a bright note it has inspired my next post.

Shane – SharePoint Consulting