Downloads of my SPTechCon Boston Sessions

Last week I had the privilege of speaking at the SharePoint Technology Conference in Boston. Too cool. Got to meet several new people from the Twitterverse (I am @ShanesCows in case you were wondering). I would list the people but I never know if that is appropriate or not. Anyway.

I promised a download PDF of all of the sessions I did so here they are.

Todd Klindt and I did a whole day workshop on being a SharePoint administrator. For that session I have two decks. The SharePoint Admin deck is old faithful. It is all of the core Admin stuff we have delivered around the world brought back to glory once again. Good stuff. The other deck is stolen straight from my SharePoint Administrator’s Class and it all of the dev things we admins need to know, like Features, Solution Packages, and Code Access Security (EEK!). You can get that deck here. Dealing with developers is fun. 😉

The following day I had to do my search session all by myself. Very sad. You can grab that deck here.


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