SharePoint 2010 IT Pro Resources

So admittedly my blog has been very quiet for a while. That is because I have been knee deep in 2010 for longer than I care to remember. I am been creating new materials and I have even been traveling the country doing the SharePoint 2010 IT Pro Ignite tour. Five extended days of IT Pro training put on by Microsoft. Todd and I have had the privilege of both writing and teaching parts of this class along with some really great folks at Microsoft, both MCS guys and Product team. Hopefully most of that stuff will make it to TechNet one day for your learning pleasure. Until then here are some of the other materials the team at SharePoint911 has created for Microsoft to get you going.

IT Pro Reviewers guide:

Experiencing the Microsoft SharePoint 2010 User Interface (E-learning):

Managing and Troubleshooting with Microsoft SharePoint 2010 (E-learning):

Series of videos on 2010 IT Pro features by SharePoint MVPs:

Once you get through all of that I am sure you will be chomping at the bit for that Beta that will show up in November. Be sure to preregister for the beta here. Oh yeah, that site is running on SharePoint 2010.

And finally if you are looking for full scale 2010 training to get you on the road to being kick butt at 2010 look here. Todd and I writing this course as we speak and it will be available for web and inperson delivery starting December 7 with a webcast and then December 14 in sunny Tampa Florida. Come join in the fun.


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