Rename the SharePoint 2010 PerformancePoint database to remove the GUID

When I build a farm with the intention of not having any GUIDs I use the Central Administration page Manage Service Applications to create most of my service applications. And for most of the service application that have databases the GUI gives me the chance to name the database, which means I can avoid having those gosh darns GUIDs. There are two service apps that don’t play nice with this strategy Search and PerformancePoint Services (PPS). I covered how to do the Search rename so now it is time to get rid of the PPS database GUID.

Thankfully this is pretty straightforward.

First I went into Central Admin > Manage Service Applications and clicked New > PerformancePoint Service Application. I named it Blog PerformancePoint Service App

If I jump over to SQL I now have the highlighted database

Completely unacceptable.

So now what?

Rename the PPS database

  1. Go to SQL Management Studio and rename the database
    1. Open SQL Management Studio. You may have to go to your SQL Server to do this.
    2. Attach to the instance that host SharePoint
    3. Find your database
    4. Right click on the database name and choose Rename

    5. Delete the GUID off the end of the name or make the name whatever you want then press Enter. SQL Database is now renamed. Notice I changed all of the spaces to underscores. Why? Because DBAs hate spaces in names more than they hate GUIDs and I am a nice guy.

  2. Now go to your SharePoint Server and use PowerShell to set the database name.
    1. Click Start > All Programs > Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Products > SharePoint 2010 Management Shell. If you have UAC enabled be sure to run it as Administrator.
    2. Then run the following line. Be sure to replace your info for service app and database name.

Now you can celebrate you have saved the world another GUID. I have a master post here with all of the anti GUID posts linked in one place. Right here.



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4 thoughts on “Rename the SharePoint 2010 PerformancePoint database to remove the GUID”

  1. OK, that changes the logical DB names? But how about the physical files too? I am still stuck with X_Guid on the .mdf and .ldf files unless I rename them.

  2. It’s worth adding that you may need to make sure that the account you are using has access to the database as well. For some reason I found that it had cleared out the accounts.

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