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New MS Certifications


There are now going to be 3 different series; Technology, Professional, and Architect.  In the Technology seriers there are currently 5 different certifications:



More will be added later.


An interesting note about the Architect series.   Sounds more like a doctoral thesis

Defense.  The requirements are:


  • Have a rigorous and competitive entry process.

  • Require the candidate to work closely with a mentor who is a Microsoft Certified Architect.

  • Culminate in an oral review in front of previously certified architects.

  • Require recertification.


Sounds like if someone gets this certification they can start a company just being mentors to others who want it  😉

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SPS SP2 available (finally!)


The following Knowledge Base articles (some of which have not yet been made live) provide information about the various fixes included in this service pack. 


·         KB 887623 Description of Microsoft Office SharePoint Portal Server 2003 Service Pack 2

·         KB 906337 Issues that are fixed in SharePoint Portal Server 2003 by SharePoint Portal Server 2003 Service Pack 2

·         KB 907763 SPS requires ASP.NET 1.1 be installed on the server if ASP.NET 2.0 is also installed.

·         KB 907377 How to address the case where SPS SP 2 does not updated the databases during service pack installation

·         KB 905229 How to update an evaluation version to SPS RTM if SPS if SPS SP 1 or SPS SP 2 has been installed on it.  

(sorry, had to break the links.  The email I posted from contained internal URLs which did not work)


Additionally, SP2 introduces support for the following:


·         Support for running on 64-bit machines in 32-bit emulation mode

·         Support for Reverse Proxy and Alternate URL support

·         Support for IP-Bound virtual servers

·         Support for off-box SSL termination

·         Support for SQL Server 2005


Lastly, SharePoint Portal Server 2003 with SP2 will be Kerberos-enabled by default.


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Social Networking

What is a social network?  Ever hear of a game called “Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon”?  If not, it is a game where you link Kevin Bacon to any other actor/actress in six steps.  For instance, to link Kevin Bacon to Sigourney Weaver…

Kevin Bacon was in Footloose with Dianne Weist,
who was in The Birdcage with Gene Hackman,
who was in The Firm with Holly Hunter,
who was in Copycat with Sigourney Weaver

So if you need to talk to Steve in your company but do not know him, one good way find him is to have a mutual friend introduce you.  But how do you find such a person?  That is where a social network comes into play.  It can tell you a path from you to Steve so that you can find the mutual friend.   Some even tell you who knows what so if you need to find the local expert on SharePoint you can and then figure out the path. 

Social networks are, IMHO, fascinating applications of technology and I have been interested in them for quite some time.  Now you may be asking yourself why am I posting this on a blog dedicated mainly to SharePoint?   The answer will follow (just as soon as I can determine I can talk about it  =)

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Office 12 to support saving to PDF

Probably old news to most of you since it was announced yesterday 😉  but MS announced during the MVP summit that the Office 12 client applications will support saving to PDF files.   We saw a demo of Word, Publisher, and Access saving to a PDF file with perfect results.

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