Another posting on Knowledge Network

June 19, 2006

In my last posting I mentioned that I was not sure what the keywords that get defined are used for.  Well, if I took a minute or two to think about I would have realized that they are used to help determine who knows what!   The keywords get uploaded to the server and can be […]

Even more on the Knowledge Network

June 15, 2006

Do you get the idea I really like social networking?  [:D] I have downloaded and installed both the client and the server programs that make up the Knowledge Network system.  I must say I am impressed with the added features that you get when you use both. I did have some issues running the client.   […]

Profile Properties and OWA in SPS2007

June 5, 2006

There is a new Profile Property called “Outlook Web Access URL” that can be very handy.  As you may already be aware, there are various OWA web parts that show information like Mail, Calendar, and Contacts using Exchange OWA.  If you fill in this field then these web parts will use it for their OWA […]

Some great mini-posters for SharePoint 2007

June 1, 2006

Andrew May has some 17×11 posters he made (using Visio 2007 and its publish to PDF feature) that may be of use for you. The first set deals with Content Types and can be found at: and the second set deals with SharePoint development and can be found at:   I hope he […]