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Weird SPS Document Library issue

Found this while trying to get some code I wrote to work correctly and it is confirmed by MS. If you have a site structure like 




And create a document library called “GaryTest”  (my favorite document library name [;)] )and then create the folder structure like Folder1                Folder1a                                Folder1b When you traverse to the Folder1b folder in the document library you will get a URL like the one listed below (I am ignoring the FolderCTID and View since they are not part of this issue): http://machine/MyPortal/Company/Directorates/IT/Forms/AllItems.aspx?RootFolder=%2fCompany%2fDirectorates%2fIT%2fFolder1%2fFolder1a%2fFolder1b. If any of the SITES listed in the RootFolder (in this example,Company, Directorates, or IT) have the incorrect case, anytime you upload a document it will be placed into the root of the document library not the folder where you are currently located. 


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