Process appears hung when deploying/retracting solutions

I have noticed from time to time that when I deploy solutions (using the Central Administrations, Operations, Solution Management) the Status field is stopped on either “Deploying” or “Retracting” for quite a long time.   While normally this is an indication of some error on one of the front-end servers (for example I have run into a memory issue quite a bit using when running 64bit) and that issue needs to be taken care of, once the issue is resolved how do you get rid of this?

If you go back to the “Operations” tab under the “Global Configuration” section is a link called “Timer job status”.  Clicking on this will bring up a new window that lists all the SharePoint jobs currently running and what server the job is running on.  Towards the bottom of the screen will be the job that concerns the deploying/retracting of the solution.   The name of the job starts with either “Windows SharePoint Services Solution Retraction for” or “Windows SharePoint Services Soltion Deployment for” followed by the name of the solution.   There will be one entry for each of the front-end servers that the solution is being deployed to or retracted from.   Usually one of the entries will say failed and the others will say succeeded so you can use this to help figure out which front-end is causing the problems.

If all the jobs have succeeded you can delete the job.  To do this go back to the “Operations” tab and click on “Timer job definitions” which is right below “Timer job status”.  Find your job (same name as before)  and click on it.  Note that there will only be one listing for the job here even though you have multiple front-ends.   Click on the “Delete” button to remove it.

If you then go back to the “Solution management” area you will notice that the solution is now set to either “Deployed” or “Retracted”.

Remember, that this is just a band-aide to get you through errors when deploying/retracting solutions.  If you need to do this then most likely there are other issues with your front-ends that you need to resolve.

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