Great news in the world of Business Intelligence and SharePoint

“PerformancePoint scorecarding and dashboarding capabilities will now become part of SharePoint Enterprise CAL and available to customers who are on SharePoint SA. This means that customers who want to deploy PerformancePoint can do so today at no additional cost. “

Read the full story at the SharePoint Team Blog

Limiting who can create a MySite

I have had a few customers ask how they can control who can create a MySite, whether it was just for a trial run, to try to control hard drive usage, or for other reasons.  In any case here is how you can do it

  1. Open the “Central Administration” web site
  2. Go to your Shared Service Provider’s Administration page
  3. Click on the “My Site settings” link
  4. On the left side of the screen click on the “Personalization Services Permissions” link
  5. In this screen you can take away the “Personal Site” from “NT AUTHORITY\Authenticated Users” and add it to any User or Group that you want to.

Without the “Personal Site” permissions, users will not see the “My Site” link and will not be able to create a My Site.



Maybe the XBox 360 does have a problem

I just dropped off my XBox 360 at my local UPS store to get the infamous red ring of death issue resolved.  Without me even saying anything the clerk behind the counter knew it was a XBox being returned!  Now this is not exactly a major UPS Hub we are talking about, it is a small store in a strip mall in Cary, NC.   Guess there may be a problem here and there with the 360 [:O]