Issue to be aware of upgrading Windows Server 2008 to R2 with MOSS

First you get a message telling you to look for KB article 962935, which canot be found.   One MS employee on the forum (who is really very helpful) suggested it may not ready for public release yet.    If you are going to put the KB article in an error message at least make sure it exists!  As an aside, I wonder if it is the MOSS install program that is telling me it cannot run in Windows Server 2008 R2 or if there is something in the OS telling the installer that.   In any case the link above tells you the issue and how to resolve it….just uninstall your WSS installation!   Really?!?!?  Microsoft is actually suggesting you uninstall a critical piece of software in order to upgrade the operating system?!?!?!  I seem to recall reading somewhere that SharePoint was one of the big money makers for Microsoft right now.  Why don’t they spend some of that money to test these things.

Oh wait, the link tells you how to get  Windows Server R2 installed, it does not address the issue of re-installing your SharePoint system.

Two suggestions have been presented. 

  1. Upgrade your SharePoint to SP2 before trying to upgrade Windows Server 2008…makes sense as long as you are allowed to do that.  Guess this is one reason to push to install it.
  2. Uninstall SharePoint and do a slipstream install with Service Pack 2.

Don’t get me wrong.  I still love SharePoint and (most of) Microsoft but there are days where I just hang my head.

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