India Call Center Math / A little in-sight.

I was watching Good Morning America and found this interesting. To help the cope with us American’s since we tend to get mad at them more than a American call center. 35=10. A 35 year old has the brain of a 10 year old. Does this mean if us, as Americans just get angry, or does it apply if I call in, and instead of saying, go to the control panel, they slowly walk me through it? Also, they said American’s do get upset with them and sometimes they haver to put them on hold to take a rest and do cuss back (while customers are on hold). Please do remember, even though you might not like out sourcing, these are human beings and deserve the same respect as you would. If you do not like out-sourcing, please vote with your wallet when you buy products and/or services. Also, one word for them and this has only happened once to me. Please do not get mad at me if I keep asking you to repeat yourself because I cannot understand you because of your heavy accent.

I.T. (Information Technology) jobs went up 17 percent. Companies have focused more on other areas. Also too, India was close to nuclear war with Pakistan and it was not the government. It was G.E. saying we cannot have your works off, not even for a week, so Delhi got it and no war. Now they are saying we will start speaking with people in Bulgaria and other small countries. I do not know what exactly to believe because there will always be a study out for either point-of-view and I did hear though that I.T. jobs are increasing.

Indian’s make $2 hour. But it seems they can live with this. Also there are tutors over there that help our kids over here via the Internet. The kid said she was nice and they found her and she is. If the kid has issues she would play a game with him, then come back. Now the kid cannot wait to get his homework done and join his friends. And where does she live? With her parents. Their kids are 3 grade levels above us.


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