New Build > Ad-Aware SE Personal v1.06

New in this version:
• Disk-scan is approximately 30 % faster
• CSI scan is now more efficient
• Added “Scan for low risk threats” option, to scan for targets with low TAC index
• Ad-Watch CSI engine performance highly improved; using less CPU and Memory as well as having a smaller footprint
• GUI adapted to use the new TAC

Important corrections:
• Freezing during scan (occurring on some systems) now corrected
• Combination of the +silent and +update command line parameters no longer prevents scan completion
• The +nodefnotice command line parameter now suppressing “out-of-date” message on preferences window.
• Ad-Watch TrayIcon tooltip indicating the loaded definition file now refreshed when the definition file is changed or updated in Ad-Aware
• Several minor GUI improvements (Ad-Aware, Ad-Watch and Proc-Watch)

Minor corrections:
•The Extension submenu(s) are now disabled if no extensions are installed
•Average TAC rating for content detected during scan added to the scan-summary page
•Reghance related context menu options in Result and MRU list now updated if status of Reghance installation is modified in the Preferences
•”Risk” replaced by “Relevance” on Object-detail window
•”Vendor” replaced by “Name” (result, ignore and statistic-lists)
•Tooltip for negligible objects now displayed as “MRU”
•Items in ignore and scan-result list now coloured according to their risk level (*)
•TAC rating added to object details (log file)
•TAC rating added to Statistic, Result, and Ignorelist tooltip’s
•”Remove” button on ignore-list screen now deactivated if no objects are selected
•Numeric TAC index shown in the statistic list
•Number of Quarantine archives now updated after scan (without opening quarantine tab)
•Below/Above normal priority classes now correctly logged during memory scan
•”Clear” Button and related context menu option disabled if no statistics have been created
•Prefetched files detected during conditional scan now correctly shown in scan log
•Leaving focus from tweak window no longer switches text to black for deselected items
•Category List extended
•Warning message for URLS containing less than 5 characters added to URL editor

* Your existing ignore list (created with earlier builds) will no longer be compatible. Please recreate the ignore list in this update

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