How to defang the Fake Defragmenter


We are tracking the trails of this fake “System Defragmenter” software since its first appearance last October 2010, and have warned our customers in our earlier post about this trojan software. In this follow-up post, we give an update including a new variant worth noting for our customers.

The fake system defragmenter family (FakeSysdef) is similar to rogue software in many ways, such as presenting forced installations, a polished user interface, false and annoying errors and a request (requirement) that users buy a license. This ultimately is the goal of the scammers – to extract money.

“Brands” or aliases
Common strategies of fake software include branding or use of different names and aliases, and this family is no different, releasing 2 or 3 rebranded variations every week. Many of them are listed in the table below, including the recent “WinScan” that we dissect in this post later on. </quote>  More on the MMPC Entry > 

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