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Internet Explorer 7 RC 1 Available

The much awaited Internet Explorer 7 RC 1 available for download now. Download and give it a try. It’s available for 64-bit Windows too (XP and 2003 Server).

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Connection Pool Control in .NET 2.0

As known, connection pooling is an inbuilt feature of ADO.NET that internally caches open database connections to serve for later requests. While the need to manually clear the connections in the pool may not really arise, .NET 2.0 gives you a knob to do so. Meet these two methods: System.Data.SqlClient.SqlConnection.ClearPool(); System.Data.SqlClient.SqlConnection.ClearAllPools(); However, these methods do not […]

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Test from Windows Live Writer (Beta)

Sample post done from Windows Live Writer application. This is cool! Get your copy from the download page.

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SetFocusOnError in ASP.NET 1.x

One of the cool features in ASP.NET 2.0 is the ability to set focus to the input control having invalid input. This is accomplished by setting the SetFocusOnError property of the associated validator control(s) to true. However, the same feature can be achieved in ASP.NET 1.x using the documented and undocumented client-side API of the […]

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Web Service Software Factory – Released

As part of the software factory releases, Microsoft has released Web Service software actory today. Check it out at Other service factories: 1. Smart Client Software Factory: 2. Mobile Client Software Factory:

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Tablet PC App Development

I was recently tasked with developing a utility for Tablet PC – this utility will let users sign using pen/ink and store the signature as an image file. Trust me, I have not even touched a tablet PC before (shameful!) and thinking about writing a utility, be it .NET or non-.NET looked as a big task. Anyway, I decided […]

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Document Generator for .NET Class Libraries

A new MSDN-like document generator, code-named “Sandcastle” is available (in CTP) from Microsoft. It is said to be working with and without XML-based document comments and generates HTML Help-based help file. I am planning to give it a try this week-end! Download it from

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MSDN Library – Free

Microsoft has made MSDN Library available for free download now. It was earlier available only for MSDN subscribers. Users with low-bandwidth connections may not be really happy because the download size of the libarary (full) is more than 1.5 GB!! Anyway, May 2006 edition of MSDN Library is here: Download and enjoy!

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