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Internet Exlorer 7 RTM – Available for Download

Alright, it’s finally out!

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Profiling .NET Code with StopWatch

One of the new diagnostics tools introduced in .NET 2.0 is the System.Diagnostics.StopWatch class. It lets you time your code with simplest profiling code possible! And I use this class very regularly during my development/desting. I use it especially when calling out to external APIs such as web services, remoting, etc. Here is an example: […]

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Switch Internet Explorer to Offline Mode

I saw a newsgroup post today asking about programmatically (.NET way) switching Internet Explorer to offline mode (checking IE’s File | Work Offline menu item). I posted a small C# code that accomplishes this to the newsgroup. Thought would make a blog entry on it for everyone’s benefit. NOTE: This code was tested on Windows XP […]

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Getting Windows Process Owner Name

The System.Diagnostics.Process class gives almost every data about a running process. But, the most-wanted information it doesn’t give about a process is the process owner name. And I ran across a situation recently that asked for the same thing – here is the code I used. However, this method will not work for certain processes […]

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