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Changing Log On Credentials of Windows Services

There was a question from an internal group asking for a way to programmatically change the log on name (and of course password) of a Windows service – this is the user account, local or domain, under which the service process runs when started. Unfortunately, the .NET framework does not provide any class to accomplish […]

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Exception Message Box

A little-known component that comes with SQL Server 2005 is the exception message box (EMB) – I am sure you would have seen this anytime you work with SQL Server Management Studio (or Express). It is almost a replacement for the standard message box (System.Windows.Forms.MessageBox) with the additional feature of displaying exceptions. It is a […]

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Peformance Comparison: WCF Vs. The Rest

Excellent article comparing Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) framework with other Microsoft distributed technologies (ASP.NET Web Services, .NET Enterprise Services and .NET Remoting): 

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