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Power of JavaScript!

Almost no one doubts it, but still how powerful it is? Just go to and see it for yourself! These awesome visuals use only JS and JS-based frameworks (such as Prototype & JQuery); no Adobe Flash or Microsoft Silverlight! Not just that, these demos could also be stress testers for your browser’s JavaScript engine.  “Google Gravity”, […]

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ASP.NET MVC Training Kit

After other Microsoft developer training kits, now is a new one: ASP.NET MVC Training Kit. Get it (~12 MB)!

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data: URI Scheme – Part 1

    One of the new features introduced in IE8 is support for the data: protocol. Though IE8’s support this protocol is a welcome one, it is very limited in terms of features and usage compared to other browsers that have been supporting this protocol for quite a long some time. The data: URI scheme (or protocol, […]

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Internet Explorer 8 RTW

The final version of Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 has been released at last. I am not a big fan of alpha & CTP releases and never bother to install them and play around and read up stuff others have written about such releases – just to catch up with what is “in” and “out”. However, […]

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Server-side Automation of MS Office Applications

I usually don’t talk too much about or discuss things that are commonly known to everyone. Why add noise unnecessarily when something has already been discussed overwhelmingly by the internet community and all it takes is an internet search to find them. The subject of this post is just one of them. I frequently see […]

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On Twitter Now!

After really a lot of thinking, I finally decided to tweet! So, follow me on Twitter at Blue Blip.

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