What’s in my Tool-Belt?

I am sure every developer will have his/her own set of free software tools/utilities on their dev rig. I just love utilities & tools! They save lot of time and effort; some have eye-candy UI and trust me I use them just for that reason alone though they don’t provide any useful features. Since I am a bit concerned that I might lose my toolbox (most of them require no installation), all my favorite utilities are under a single folder for easy copy/move whenever I rebuild my machine or get a new one. Here is my list that I always have on all my laptops (business, personal) and desktops – not in any particular order:

  • Process Explorer (find just about anything about running processes)
  • Process Monitor (big brother of Process Explorer, an integrated tool with real-time registry, file system and process activity monitoring)
  • Paint.NET (simple yet powerful image processing tool)
  • Notepad++ (Powerful code/text editor yet as simple as Windows Notepad; for its features, portability is what I admire about it)
  • Red Gate Reflector (I doubt if there will be any .NET developer without knowing or using this tool)
  • Diff Merge (A neat file and folder comparison tool)
  • 7-Zip (Open-source archiving utility)
  • Autoruns (Find all background applications/executable that run automatically when Windows starts or you log on)
  • Depends (Find all dependent modules of a 32-bit or 64-bit exe, dll, ocx, etc.)
  • Revo Uninstaller (Simple software uninstall clean up utility; serves my needs)
  • Universal Extractor (I have hardly come across any archive or compressed file format this utility cannot handle)
  • VLC (a Swiss-army media player cum streamer)
  • Ultra Magnifier (A screen magnifying utility, not updated for about 7 years now, but does its job very well. I mostly use it to get the RGB color value of a pixel on the screen)
  • ImgBurn (a sleek CD/DVD/Blu-ray burning application; it also dump optical discs as image files and hosts even more features!)
  • MagicDisc (load CD/DVD image files without burning actually them)

I will post you all as and when I update my tools list!

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