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Notes from PDC10

Here are some of my notes/findings from what is going on at PDC 10, Redmond:   Microsoft is betting big time on Windows Phone 7, Azure and Internet Explorer 9 (more focus on HTML 5) Microsoft code-name “Dallas” now officially called as DataMarket (an apt name!) Microsoft is working with its partners (Accenture & SAS) […]

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Free E-Book: Programming Windows Phone 7, by Charles Petzold

Get it here: And the sample code from: Thank You O’Reilly!

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Free E-Books from Microsoft Press

Here is a list of free e-books from Microsoft Press. The prominent one is the Windows Phone 7 title by the “Windows Programming” legend Charles Petzold.

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Applications use data from many sources – from mainframe to flat files, XML, RDBMS, Excel, Microsoft Access and the list goes on. In parallel, we have many data access APIs/libraries based on the development platform: for C/C++ applications, we have ODBC, for COM/DCOM there is ADO, Java world enjoys JDBC and .NET applications have ADO.NET. […]

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Feeds via FeedBurner

Syndication URLs for this blog is now available via FeedBurner:

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Comparing WCF Message Encoding Options

As you know WCF supports three types of message encodings (Encoding is the process of converting serialized object graph data into a format that can be transmitted over a network or saved to a file for later retrieval. Encoded data can be fed into a deserializer to hydrate the original object). Each encoding mechanism caters […]

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Why I Love Belkin

I am a big fan of Belkin brand! I am not sure if you too fall in this category or not, but I am always amazed by their “cool” products. Long long ago, I was looking for a gadget or some sort of transceiver than can transfer and receive all formats of audio and video […]

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Model-View-ViewModel Pattern 101 (Part 4)

Read part 1 here, part 2 here or part 3 here. This is a sort of summary post of my MVVM Pattern 101 series, talking about the frameworks available for MVVM development. There are many open-source frameworks available for MVVM-based development. Most of the frameworks support WPF as well as Silverlight including the new Windows […]

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Model-View-ViewModel Pattern 101 (Part 3)

This is 3rd of my multi-part series on MVVM 101. Read part 1 here and part 2 here. From an implementation perspective, ViewModel is a just class satisfying certain requirements and you follow a few simple steps to have a working one. Remember the key part in MVVM is the VM, the real controller, because […]

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Model-View-ViewModel Pattern 101 (Part 2)

This is the continuation of my previous discussion on MVVM here. With the advent of new designer tools such as Expression Blend, MVVM pattern suites WPF/Silverlight development very well. Expression Blend (or anything that produces WPF XAML) enables UX design and developer teams work independently, unlike early days of waiting for the UI to complete […]

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